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REST API - Update content error -Log location needed

Hi, We are using platform REST API /content to update records. But some of the updates are failing without any error message. Is there any way we can get the logs of the content API so that we can find out root cause behind update failure? @JeffLette...

Sanjay_a by Contributor II
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Check if user belongs to a certain group

Hi everyone, I have a record permission field which defaults to record creator, but it can also be changed to anyone else as it has ALL USERS list available for selection. Once a user is selected to this Record permission [Finding Issuer], I would li...

PoojaVG by Contributor II
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'Type' Attribute in XML

I noticed that there are different values for 'Type' inside the XML document, for example 'Acceptance Owner' with ID '18840' has type 8 while 'Date Opened' with ID '22352' has type 3. What does the type stand for? Is there documentation available for...

Aeri by Contributor II
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Archer API Question on data output

We query the Archer report through the API. $devices | ForEach-Object{ $ISI_UAT = $_ | select-object -expand "0-ISI - UAT"INSERT INTO [dbo] ,[ISI_Prod] VALUES ,'$ISI_Prod' This is what it looks like in Archer Here is what it looks like in PowerBI jus...

archer-api1.PNG archer-api2.PNG

Resolved! SOAP Request Endpoint

I think I am having issues with our proxy server but before I try and figure that out, I wanted to see if anyone could confirm if the endpoint for the session token is: https://[domain]

Aeri by Contributor II
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REST API error running Data Publication

I am trying to run a data feed Javascript Transport file that will trigger data publications to run via the recently available internal APIs; however, the data feed keep Failing with the message: "The script execution failed due to an un-expected err...

Data Publication Error.png

Data Feed Monitor Error

Hi,Configured the Data Feed Monitor utility and getting the below error and wasn't able to find any logs too.2022-07-30 05:50:21.5238 :: Info :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.Main :: *****************************************************************...

Rest API method to Search Records

We are building an API integration, Is there an REST method for Searching the records for a certain string stored in a field and return the record id? If there is no REST method, Suggest other possibilities.

sashank by Contributor
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Fetch Report Content via RESTful Api

We have a requirement to fetch some Dashboard from an archer application and publish in another application outside of Archer. Is there any way through which we can pull contents of a report using RESTful API. Can team suggest a better way through wh...

Mail Merge via API returning Javascript output

I am trying to perform a mail merge via the API process however the [PerformMailMerge] output is returning some type of Javascript after couple of minutes (see below) instead of a byte array. Note: I am using the Archer API Template to perform this w...

Resolved! Rest API Issue

I am able to create session token using REST API successfully in POSTMAN. But if i use PowerShell, its throwing SSOlogin/Redirector.asp, 401 Unauthorized errors. Is it because of SSO? If yes, why it is working correctly in POSTMAN. We are using 6.3 P...