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Validating date fields

I have 2 manually updated date fields that require data validation rules. Date field 1 - the value must be prior to or equal to todayDate field 2 - the value must be equal to or greater than Date field 1I have searched through the site, but most of t...

ScottNess by Contributor II
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Connection between RSA Archer and Power BI

I am writing to report an issue that I am facing while attempting to connect RSA Archer with Power BI using the OData API connection.Currently, I am able to retrieve a maximum of 1000 rows using the OData API connection. However, as our data set exce...

Introducing the Archer Chatbot!

With the release of Archer version 2024.03, Technical Support is introducing an interactive Chatbot for our SaaS Archer Administrators. This innovative technology is accessible directly in the Production UI, providing custom answers and empowering Ar...


Announcing Archer RMIS AI!

We’re delighted to share an exciting moment in our journey as Archer expands its horizons into the Risk Management Information System (RMIS) space. Archer’s renewed emphasis on innovation has led to many advances in the past year and we’re excited to...


Custom object to populate resource

Has anyone had any luck creating a custom object to populate the resource within an appointment (in scheduler field)? We need to bulk create 1000+ appointments and assign them appropriately to individuals but there doesn't seem to be a way to import ...

cpallone by Contributor
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Resolved! Creating a Cyber Security Incident Record through API

Hi All,I am trying to create a Security Incident New Record that is shown above by API Call. I have no idea from the docs where to start and how to get this working. I got a few API calls working. I have the authentication working but i don't even kn...


Help - Integration with Workday

Hello folks, I have to do an Archer integration with Workday and I need some help.First I need to access a URL with username and password to generate a token. Once I get the token, I need to enter a different URL in which I must include the generated...


Resolved! Identify fields that reference other modules via the API

We are trying to identify when a field references another application/questionnaire via the API. Related Records and Cross Reference fields can by identified by type, but when a field contains a calculation that refs to another application/questionna...

AI Governance Working Groups

As applications of artificial intelligence are increasing at an exponential rate, organizations are facing the challenge of how to govern the use of AI so the business can reap the benefits that AI provides while managing the potential risk it introd...

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