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PageLoad not always being triggered

I have a Custom Object storing data in sessionStorage. The code is very simple:Sys.Application.add_load(function() { console.log('Sys.Application.add_load() has been executed.'); sessionStorage.setItem('applicationId', 'a001'); }); It's very strange ...

Richard by Contributor III
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Contacting Archer Academy

Need to reach us to ask about Archer training? Create a ticket here: Archer Academy Support Center Just a note - this will take you to our brand new ticketing system! We're super excited about the new system and look forward to hearing your thoughts ...


Javascript CO Execution Firing Sequence

Good morning to the community: I apologize in advance if this question is rudimentary as I am trying to learn how to support and utilize COs in our system...I have an existing CO (written by someone long gone) that is designed to build multiple Assig...

Application contentID

Hello ,In archer I have application A and I'm using this api to get data .https://***.com/contentapi/ABut I'm not seeing any content ID for this application in this api or any other api services in Acher API Testing documentation .How i need get cont...

Resolved! API Code to Import a Package

We've been unable to import packages into our production environment for about two months. We've been working with support to find the issue(s) with no results to date. Is there an API call to import packages? If there is, I don't think it's document...

Resolved! contentapi filter values

Hello ,I'm making api call to contentapi and getting data .(GET /rsaarcher/contentapi/Applications)I'm getting huge data but I need only some of it.Can we filter values in url which brings only needed data like below .GET /rsaarcher/contentapi/Applic...

Resolved! SOAPAction not recognized

Setting up queries in POSTMAN. I am able to get session token but when attempting to SearchRecordsByReport using GUID I get the below result. soap:Client Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction:

Integration RSA Archer with

Hello, I need to integrate RSA Archer 6.11 with I imported into RSA Archer data feed " Plugins RSA Archer 6.7" and JavaTransporter script "Signed-TenableSC_v1_0_14.js". I need to fill in the fields in the Source Connection secti...

LuboLX by Contributor
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