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Populate a Read Only field with JavaScript?

I'm wondering if there is a way/different syntax to use to populate a text field, that is being made read only with a DDE?The below works, when the field is not being made read only. The odd thing is the when I check the value with an alert, such as:...

Resolved! Help with CO to clear a text field

I'm trying to build out a custom object in 6.9 P2 that will clear the value in a text field based on the value selected from a values list field. I've read through article

ScottNess1 by Contributor III
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Resolved! Custom object to select specific mail merge object

Is it possible to have a custom object that will select a specific mail merge template for export? I can display the Export button (master_btnExport), but was hoping to expand on the function to make it easier for end user as we have a dozen or so te...

sness by Contributor III
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Resolved! Validating date fields

I have 2 manually updated date fields that require data validation rules. Date field 1 - the value must be prior to or equal to todayDate field 2 - the value must be equal to or greater than Date field 1I have searched through the site, but most of t...

ScottNess by Contributor II
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Close the record or change to view mode

I am not a programmer and know nothing about javascript so please bear with me.In several apps, we have users who create records which then needs to be edited by another team/user. However, the record creator often leaves the record open in edit mode...

Need Data feed initiator too and utility

Need Data feed initiator too and utility. It is not available on below link.Archer Data Feed Initiator Tool & Utility 6.8 Installation Package - Archer Community - 568571 (

_neha by Contributor
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Custom object to populate resource

Has anyone had any luck creating a custom object to populate the resource within an appointment (in scheduler field)? We need to bulk create 1000+ appointments and assign them appropriately to individuals but there doesn't seem to be a way to import ...

cpallone by Contributor
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Custom Object to Set value list field

Hi,I am trying to set a value list field using a custom object. The code is working only when I click on the button after saving the record. I want the value to set when I click on the button and there should be no dependency on save.Please let me kn...