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Resolved! Record Status

Hi All,How can we show the record status as shown in the image? Is there any OOB solution apart from the custom object?

Screenshot (14).png
mykgang1 by Contributor III
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Transition Node failed to transition Workflow

Hello All,Currently, I am facing an issue with my all Risk records. Whenever the user tries to submit the record it throws an error "Transition Node failed to transition Workflow". I guess this happened after the patch. To resolve this do I need to r...

mykgang1 by Contributor III
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Filtering value list is complicated

Hi,I working with Archer 6.12.5 HF1I have two questions regarding value lists when I put a filter on it:a) In the filter, how can I select more than one value at the same time? Currently it is only possible to select the values individually (one by o...

Unsubcribe Email Subscription

Hi, I am not able to unsubscribe an Email subcription, even with my permission as an administrator. The checkboxes in the User Menue are shaded.What is the reason for that behaviour?I am working with Archer Version 6.12.5 (on Prem)Marcel

unable to delete Layout objects

@DavidPettyI am unable to delete layout objects such as textbox, custom object etc in the back end even though delete option is enabled. Could you please say how to fix this issue.


There are few archer records which are not updating as per logic. new records working as per condition but few old records not updating. tried creating cal schedule also not working.

simtiyaj by Contributor II
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Add records in 'Questionnaire comments' subform

Hi,Is it possible to add new records manually or through datafeed or any other way in the “Questionnaire Comments” subform section in which usually the comments which are added in the sticky notes that is present next to the questions gets reflected ...

Resolved! Hiding Old Records in Archer

Hi,I have one requirement where I need hide old records of application. User wants see record created from Jan 2023 only.Please let me know how can we achieve this.

simtiyaj by Contributor II
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Fetch Department Name of User

I would like to get the Department Name from the Users. IF any user selected in the record, the Department name of the User should be populated (or) displayed. Requirement 1 :: If any Record Permission is selected in a record, there should be some wa...

Archer Saas - Base OS

Archer Saas - BASE OS Hello, I assume Archer is Windows based but didn't want to assume. We need this for our vendor records and cannot find anywhere. Can someone please confirm Archer is Windows based?

Mouse Over Help Text

Hello everyone, is there any function in Archer to hide the Mouse Over Help Text?Our Partner only want to click on the question mark. Version 6.12 P6 HF2Thanks for the Help!