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Fetch Department Name of User

I would like to get the Department Name from the Users. IF any user selected in the record, the Department name of the User should be populated (or) displayed. Requirement 1 :: If any Record Permission is selected in a record, there should be some wa...

Archer Saas - Base OS

Archer Saas - BASE OS Hello, I assume Archer is Windows based but didn't want to assume. We need this for our vendor records and cannot find anywhere. Can someone please confirm Archer is Windows based?

Mouse Over Help Text

Hello everyone, is there any function in Archer to hide the Mouse Over Help Text?Our Partner only want to click on the question mark. Version 6.12 P6 HF2Thanks for the Help!


Resolved! Duplicate filter criteria causing DB error

Statement:Archer Version 6.13 P3 HF1Findings application has a default records permission field, within this field you can set filters to have permissions applied if rules are met. Issue:I accidentally added a few rules that are not appropriately nam...

wlaughlin by Contributor III
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Archer Notifications

I have set up email notifications to be alerted when datafeed process has completed successfully or failed to complete, but how do I set it up to notify if the process did not run at all?

JT7 by Contributor
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Package Error

Hi TeamI an getting following error while creating package Component Type: UnknownComponent: Object: Advanced WorkflowError Type: ErrorError: An error has occurred while attempting to package the Advanced Workflow component. The error message is Obje...

MO-ALAM by Contributor II
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Archer functionality questions

Hi all,Risk Register Library --> Risk Register Instantiation: in our sandbox, the pull from risk register library is not working on the Business Process Form. We want to know where in the backend would that configuration/job is set up so we can see i...

bduboi14 by Contributor
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