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AI Governance Working Groups

As applications of artificial intelligence are increasing at an exponential rate, organizations are facing the challenge of how to govern the use of AI so the business can reap the benefits that AI provides while managing the potential risk it introd...

Archer AI Working Groups

Come to an open discussion to talk about the usage of AI in risk management and discuss what use cases you have for AI inside of the platform. We want to hear from you on what's most important, what concerns you have about it's usage, and how we can ...

Archer Project Management App-Pack

If you don't already know about the Archer Exchange, we provide offerings that complement your existing Archer use cases. These could be app-packs, integrations, tools & utilities, or content. The Archer Exchange has been around for over 3 years and ...

RSA Charge Working Groups

The Archer Product Management team, along with other Subject Matter Experts, will be hosting a series of Working Group sessions on the first day of RSA Charge, Tuesday October 17th 2017. Working Groups play a vital role in validating and driving RSA ...

RSA Charge, Risk Management Working Group

During the first day of the Charge Conference in Dallas, the Archer Product Team will be hosting a series of working groups on our various solutions areas. I’ll be hosting the session on ORM, or ERM, or Risk Management, or maybe IRM? You know what, I...