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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

In the current and previous Archer Platform versions, you leverage Custom Objects and Custom iViews to extend the Archer Platform capabilities beyond the features natively available in the product. While it allows you to extend and customize Archer Platform capability, using the custom approach requires additional coding and maintenance. It’s also a hurdle to cross while upgrading your Archer Platform to the latest and greatest.

As we are working on radically enhancing the UX of Archer via the next Gen Risk Experience and the next Gen Dashboards projects, we want to extend Archer capabilities so that you can manage your needs natively within the product and don’t have to depend on Custom Objects and Custom iViews. As always, we want to engage with you to understand your needs and utilization of Custom objects and iViews. The more we know about them, the better the chance for them to be available in the next Gen User Experience.

Please register for the working group session using the link below and come equipped with the information on the custom objects and iViews you currently use.

Please note that we would like this to be laser-focused on Custom Objects and Custom iViews for maximum value and productivity of the session. We will have many other sessions where you can give feedback on enhancements to the User Interface.

We look forward to hearing from you!