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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

The Archer team has spent the last few months reviewing what we provide in our releases and completed quite a bit of research looking at industry leaders in the technology space to find out what is “industry standard”. What we’ve found is that there are few standards out there. But we did discover a few things that other industry leaders are doing that we really liked and would want to incorporate into our plan.

We have a lot of ideas for improving the information we provide about an Archer Release. But we don’t want to guess as to what is important to you. This session focused on:

  • Changes to the Community structure and navigation
  • Free Friday Tech Huddle updates
  • Archer Ideas updates

View the recording below and participate in the survey provided during the session here:   This survey will close on March 20, 2023.

Please use the Comments below to provide feedback during the discussion sections of the Working Group video replay.

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