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Unsubcribe Email Subscription

Hi, I am not able to unsubscribe an Email subcription, even with my permission as an administrator. The checkboxes in the User Menue are shaded.What is the reason for that behaviour?I am working with Archer Version 6.12.5 (on Prem)Marcel


There are few archer records which are not updating as per logic. new records working as per condition but few old records not updating. tried creating cal schedule also not working.

simtiyaj by Contributor
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Add records in 'Questionnaire comments' subform

Hi,Is it possible to add new records manually or through datafeed or any other way in the “Questionnaire Comments” subform section in which usually the comments which are added in the sticky notes that is present next to the questions gets reflected ...

Resolved! Hiding Old Records in Archer

Hi,I have one requirement where I need hide old records of application. User wants see record created from Jan 2023 only.Please let me know how can we achieve this.

simtiyaj by Contributor
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Resolved! 400 (BadRequest) - Custom Object

HiWe are creating a custom object to fill a field in the main from the sub-form. However, it is not working and we are receiving the message 400 (BadRequest).Sub-form: Main-form: Payload: { "Id": 13905952, "LevelId": 83, "FieldContents": { "21913":...

rafael by Contributor
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Hide field based on Date Difference

Hi Everyone ,I have 2 date fields Incident date and reported date. When reported date is more than 72 hrs from Incident date i want a new field Reason for missing to be displayed . This should happen without saving the record that means on selection ...

Bharath by Contributor III
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