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Resolved! Update Records using RestAPI

Hi,I am new to the API and I am looking for URL used to update records in Archer and what are the requirements to update any existing record in archer with API.I did look into below link.

Custom Object to Set value list field

Hi,I am trying to set a value list field using a custom object. The code is working only when I click on the button after saving the record. I want the value to set when I click on the button and there should be no dependency on save.Please let me kn...

Error attempting to obtain valueslist

I attempted the call listed here for the flat valueslistids --location --request POST '

Resolved! SearchRecordsByReport method

Hi,I am trying to fetch records from a report using SearchRecordsByReport method. E9D2E12F29....6BE1 274F97B...C0F 1 But in Response instead of records I am getting'/Default.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/archer/ws/search.asmx' Can any...

Mail merge templates as read only for Group

Hiwe have a group that needs read only access to Admin panel. All of the page hits are responding with read only view for the group except for Mail Merge template and Application Notifications.Are there any other specific access needed for the group ...

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zee by Contributor II
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Invoke API outside Archer

Hi all,I have to invoke a API of my Client to send notification to mobile application. So I have a couple questions for this. Is it possible to invoke Post API outside Archer? If it yes, how do I start to do it with some parameters in body to pass vi...

Gak by Contributor II
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Resolved! Custom Object works some of the time

We have a custom object that is supposed to check if a particular radio button has been set to "Yes" and then populate a text field. It executes on save by binding our function to the Save and Save and Close buttons, and works most - much? - of the t...


I am not finding complete documentation on how to use the Archer rest API.What I have found is very general, without specifics and a handful of examples with no explanation.The cynic in me would say this is deliberate to get you to pay for $500 for t...

Issue with Web Servcie Call Post 6.14 Upgrade

We have recently upgraded to 6.14 P1 HF1. We are seeing the below issue on the Web service call to a report, where we are pulling a text field which has a URL value and in that & is getting decoded as "&" instead of just "&" after the upgrade whi...

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Welcome to CRO Pathway!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of CRO Pathway! What is CRO Pathway? A program to connect and support risk professionals that are striving to advance their careers in governance, risk, and compliance, as well as elevate risk management at their...

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