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Resolved! Execute Method on the basis of flag

I have a custom object which creates an engagement along with some values however user first need to select values and then save the selected values by clicking the save button then the user hits the generate engagement button to create and copy the ...

Ajeet by Contributor III
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Resolved! Duplicate filter criteria causing DB error

Statement:Archer Version 6.13 P3 HF1Findings application has a default records permission field, within this field you can set filters to have permissions applied if rules are met. Issue:I accidentally added a few rules that are not appropriately nam...

wlaughlin by Contributor III
  • 5 replies
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Cross Reference on change

Hello,Is there a way via custom code to check if XREF has changed/modified? click function is working but change does not work.FieldID = xref field id$('div[id*="'+ FieldID + 'c"]').click(function(){console.log('check');}); Thanks,Lisa

eyambao by Contributor
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custom object on AWF button

I have a custom object which run on a hyper link and now the requirement is to run that custom object button on advance workflow button which we can not modify. is there a way to run the custom object on click of pre-built AWF button. it would be bet...

Ajeet by Contributor III
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Resolved! UI Based Rest API custom utility

can somebody redirect me to the UI based utility page which can be downloaded and can run on our local machine to test the APIs. i think it's a exe setup.@Ilya.Khen @Ilya_Khen @DavidPetty

Ajeet by Contributor III
  • 7 replies
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Dashboard options on Mobile for C suite

We have an on-prem ARCHER version, for now. In our team discussion session, a very practical and useful use case came up. We would like to send a notification to our CEO, and few other members from C suite. This notification will comprise of a quick ...

Disable/Hide 'Copy' menu item

I'm looking for custom code to disable or hide the menu item 'copy'. I do see several posts where others are looking for the same functionality. In my previous role, I do know that this was accomplished but I believe the code lived on the server, mak...

Creating Comments with API

I'm working with someone on our Data Integration team attempting to create multiple Comments via API on an existing Finding.We're successful in creating one new Comment but if we attempt to add another Comment it deletes any that are existing on the ...

Archer Notifications

I have set up email notifications to be alerted when datafeed process has completed successfully or failed to complete, but how do I set it up to notify if the process did not run at all?

JT7 by Contributor
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Resolved! API question

We attempt an API call using the following curl command. Our Archer Version is 6.9 SP3 P2:curl --verbose -H 'Accept: application/json,text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8' -H "Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8" -H 'SOAP...

Resolved! PageLoad not always being triggered

I have a Custom Object storing data in sessionStorage. The code is very simple:Sys.Application.add_load(function() { console.log('Sys.Application.add_load() has been executed.'); sessionStorage.setItem('applicationId', 'a001'); }); It's very strange ...

Richard by Contributor III
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Javascript CO Execution Firing Sequence

Good morning to the community: I apologize in advance if this question is rudimentary as I am trying to learn how to support and utilize COs in our system...I have an existing CO (written by someone long gone) that is designed to build multiple Assig...

Application contentID

Hello ,In archer I have application A and I'm using this api to get data .https://***.com/contentapi/ABut I'm not seeing any content ID for this application in this api or any other api services in Acher API Testing documentation .How i need get cont...

SOAP call from programmatically (JS) --- Status = 0

Attempting to get a session token, but I am not getting any data back. I am using below xml call in a JavaScript node.js setup.When I run in POSTMAN I get the token as expected.I am getting a status 0 in the script. username 50000 password

Resolved! contentapi filter values

Hello ,I'm making api call to contentapi and getting data .(GET /rsaarcher/contentapi/Applications)I'm getting huge data but I need only some of it.Can we filter values in url which brings only needed data like below .GET /rsaarcher/contentapi/Applic...

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