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Button to Open Specific Email Template

Hello,I am trying to create a custom object button which will open a specific email template.At first I was trying to do something like:document.querySelectorAll('iframe')[0].contentWindow.document.querySelector('a[title=""]').click()But this does no...

cameronk by Contributor II
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Resolved! Remove copy option

Hi folks,Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the copy option from the menu available within a record from the ellipsis & the menu when right clicking on a record name?Many a year ago in version 4.something there was custom code that could be...

MikeBarnett_0-1717509827724.png MikeBarnett_1-1717509920545.png

Prepare for NIS 2: Key Focus Areas

The European Union (EU) is driving its sectors that make up essential and important infrastructure to a higher level of cyber security and resilience through the upcoming Network and Information Systems Directive 2 (NIS 2). In the Gartner September 1...

Updating questions in questionnaire

I have 6 questions on a Control Certifications Questionnaire that were part of the past couple of certifications. I need to update a couple of questions for the next certification. However, when I update the questions, it changes the questions on the...

Archer Content API Output Filteration

Hi Team,I am trying to fetch data using Content API using "Get Content by Id", In output we are getting all fields details and respective values.Can we filter out Output so that we can get desired fields in the output.please refer attached snapshot a...


Datafeed Information via API

Is there a method to get additional datafeed information from the API?The call "/api/core/datafeed" is not getting us the data points we need from the db.Additional data points like from Run Config - Recurring / Every data elements and Target Record ...

SSchaefer by Contributor II
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Resolved! Validating date fields

I have 2 manually updated date fields that require data validation rules. Date field 1 - the value must be prior to or equal to todayDate field 2 - the value must be equal to or greater than Date field 1I have searched through the site, but most of t...

ScottNess by Contributor II
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Close the record or change to view mode

I am not a programmer and know nothing about javascript so please bear with me.In several apps, we have users who create records which then needs to be edited by another team/user. However, the record creator often leaves the record open in edit mode...

Connection between RSA Archer and Power BI

I am writing to report an issue that I am facing while attempting to connect RSA Archer with Power BI using the OData API connection.Currently, I am able to retrieve a maximum of 1000 rows using the OData API connection. However, as our data set exce...

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