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API service Account run details

Hello,We have a API integration between Servicenow and Archer. wherein, Mule API in the middleware which captures data from SNOW and pushes to Archer. Now, what we desire to know - How many and what all records were updated from the API into Archer. ...

Archer Content API Output Filteration

Hi Team,I am trying to fetch data using Content API using "Get Content by Id", In output we are getting all fields details and respective values.Can we filter out Output so that we can get desired fields in the output.please refer attached snapshot a...


Datafeed Information via API

Is there a method to get additional datafeed information from the API?The call "/api/core/datafeed" is not getting us the data points we need from the db.Additional data points like from Run Config - Recurring / Every data elements and Target Record ...

SSchaefer by Contributor II
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Resolved! SOAP API not able to connect to SAAS

Hi,If using REST API, able to connect to SAAS API. But when I use SOAP API it doesn't connect. The reason I'm using SOAP API is availability of searchrecordsbyreport and bulk update. Do we have the same features in REST API, then can someone please s...

PremRajani by Collaborator II
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login API error

Hello I'm trying to make a api call to get session token but i'm seeing InvalidCredential error and below is request and error message.This user is admin account able to access in web application.Request: https://**

Connection between RSA Archer and Power BI

I am writing to report an issue that I am facing while attempting to connect RSA Archer with Power BI using the OData API connection.Currently, I am able to retrieve a maximum of 1000 rows using the OData API connection. However, as our data set exce...

Resolved! Using REST to find User ID from email address

I need to take an email address that is entered on a web form and find the Archer user ID number in order to update a user field. In testing, I can update the field with a hard coded value for the user ID 3166: "27654": { "Type": 8, "Tag": "director"...

ScottNess3 by Collaborator III
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Resolved! Creating a Cyber Security Incident Record through API

Hi All,I am trying to create a Security Incident New Record that is shown above by API Call. I have no idea from the docs where to start and how to get this working. I got a few API calls working. I have the authentication working but i don't even kn...


Help - Integration with Workday

Hello folks, I have to do an Archer integration with Workday and I need some help.First I need to access a URL with username and password to generate a token. Once I get the token, I need to enter a different URL in which I must include the generated...

mperezmoy by Contributor II
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Resolved! Identify fields that reference other modules via the API

We are trying to identify when a field references another application/questionnaire via the API. Related Records and Cross Reference fields can by identified by type, but when a field contains a calculation that refs to another application/questionna...

search a record in Archer using API

Hi, Is there a way to search for a record using key field instead of tracking id in rest API.How can we give query parameters in Archer rest/content API if I am using postman as they seems to be not working.Thanks,Prachi Jain

Resolved! Data Feed Trigger

Hello everyone! I have quite a lot of data feeds that runs every 5 minutes to keep up with data changes.If I'm not wrong, in one of the FFTH I've heard something about service/app, that could listen for changes in Archer and trigger Data Feed.Have an...

Resolved! Update Records using RestAPI

Hi,I am new to the API and I am looking for URL used to update records in Archer and what are the requirements to update any existing record in archer with API.I did look into below link.

Error attempting to obtain valueslist

I attempted the call listed here for the flat valueslistids --location --request POST '

Resolved! SearchRecordsByReport method

Hi,I am trying to fetch records from a report using SearchRecordsByReport method. E9D2E12F29....6BE1 274F97B...C0F 1 But in Response instead of records I am getting'/Default.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/archer/ws/search.asmx' Can any...

Invoke API outside Archer

Hi all,I have to invoke a API of my Client to send notification to mobile application. So I have a couple questions for this. Is it possible to invoke Post API outside Archer? If it yes, how do I start to do it with some parameters in body to pass vi...

Gak by Contributor III
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I am not finding complete documentation on how to use the Archer rest API.What I have found is very general, without specifics and a handful of examples with no explanation.The cynic in me would say this is deliberate to get you to pay for $500 for t...

Issue with Web Servcie Call Post 6.14 Upgrade

We have recently upgraded to 6.14 P1 HF1. We are seeing the below issue on the Web service call to a report, where we are pulling a text field which has a URL value and in that & is getting decoded as "&" instead of just "&" after the upgrade whi...

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