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Resolved! All records of Questionnaire using Content API

Dear All, I want to extract all the records of a questionnaire. Content API provides a way to extract all the records from an application but not for the questionnaire. Instead, when we extract data for a questionnaire it provides "Questionnaire_Inte...

Resolved! 400 (BadRequest) - Custom Object

HiWe are creating a custom object to fill a field in the main from the sub-form. However, it is not working and we are receiving the message 400 (BadRequest).Sub-form: Main-form: Payload: { "Id": 13905952, "LevelId": 83, "FieldContents": { "21913":...

rafael by Contributor
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Resolved! Using API to Get Values List - Other data (Free Text)

We have a Values List field with "Other" option checked to: "Require users to enter supporting information when they select this value". When performing a Get on the field we only get the primary value returned (In this case 'No'). Is there anything ...

ftopping by Contributor III
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When invoking SearchRecordsByReport webservice, the the request seem to accept pageNumber, and each page is of 50 records. Is it possible to retrieve more records per page and how?Is SearchRecordsByReport still the preferred option to retrieve record...

Resolved! Retrieve Advanced Workflow History via API

I need to use the API (SOAP or REST) or an SQL query to retrieve the history of button clicks in Advanced Workflow. I recently added a "Closed Date" to an application and need to populate prior entries. I'd like to search for the most recent selected...

Any option to translate Objects via API

Hi,is there a option to translate any Object (Field, Layouttab etc.) via API? I have tried it, via SQL but I am getting Unexpected Error afterwards in Archer. Regards,Aftab

aftab by Contributor II
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Resolved! Archer API using Postman

Hey All, I am currently trying to create a content record using postman. However I am getting the error: '401Empty session token in the header'I have already set up the login call via postman to retrieve the SessionToken using the login call however ...

Resolved! Save Workflow Action using REST API

I have tried to click workflow action button using REST API call with below code from browser console. but it is throwing 405 error(method not allowed) or 403 error(forbidden) when I tried with different verb PUT.If I try to click the button from RES...

custom object on AWF button

I have a custom object which run on a hyper link and now the requirement is to run that custom object button on advance workflow button which we can not modify. is there a way to run the custom object on click of pre-built AWF button. it would be bet...

Ajeet by Contributor III
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Resolved! UI Based Rest API custom utility

can somebody redirect me to the UI based utility page which can be downloaded and can run on our local machine to test the APIs. i think it's a exe setup.@Ilya.Khen @Ilya_Khen @DavidPetty

Ajeet by Contributor III
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login API error

Hello I'm trying to make a api call to get session token but i'm seeing InvalidCredential error and below is request and error message.This user is admin account able to access in web application.Request: https://**

Application contentID

Hello ,In archer I have application A and I'm using this api to get data .https://***.com/contentapi/ABut I'm not seeing any content ID for this application in this api or any other api services in Acher API Testing documentation .How i need get cont...

Creating Comments with API

I'm working with someone on our Data Integration team attempting to create multiple Comments via API on an existing Finding.We're successful in creating one new Comment but if we attempt to add another Comment it deletes any that are existing on the ...

Resolved! API question

We attempt an API call using the following curl command. Our Archer Version is 6.9 SP3 P2:curl --verbose -H 'Accept: application/json,text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8' -H "Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8" -H 'SOAP...

Dashboard options on Mobile for C suite

We have an on-prem ARCHER version, for now. In our team discussion session, a very practical and useful use case came up. We would like to send a notification to our CEO, and few other members from C suite. This notification will comprise of a quick ...