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Resolved! Update Records using RestAPI

Hi,I am new to the API and I am looking for URL used to update records in Archer and what are the requirements to update any existing record in archer with API.I did look into below link.

Error attempting to obtain valueslist

I attempted the call listed here for the flat valueslistids --location --request POST '

Resolved! SearchRecordsByReport method

Hi,I am trying to fetch records from a report using SearchRecordsByReport method. E9D2E12F29....6BE1 274F97B...C0F 1 But in Response instead of records I am getting'/Default.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/archer/ws/search.asmx' Can any...

Invoke API outside Archer

Hi all,I have to invoke a API of my Client to send notification to mobile application. So I have a couple questions for this. Is it possible to invoke Post API outside Archer? If it yes, how do I start to do it with some parameters in body to pass vi...

Gak by Contributor II
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I am not finding complete documentation on how to use the Archer rest API.What I have found is very general, without specifics and a handful of examples with no explanation.The cynic in me would say this is deliberate to get you to pay for $500 for t...

Issue with Web Servcie Call Post 6.14 Upgrade

We have recently upgraded to 6.14 P1 HF1. We are seeing the below issue on the Web service call to a report, where we are pulling a text field which has a URL value and in that & is getting decoded as "&" instead of just "&" after the upgrade whi...

SailokeshC_0-1704905129278.jpeg SailokeshC_1-1704905129280.jpeg

API Gateway

We're looking to implement an API Gateway in front of Archer and I'm curious if anyone else in the community has done anything similar. Mostly I'm looking practices, things to look out for, or even product recommendations. I'm aware Archer...

cmartin by Contributor III
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ContentAPI: Content SAVE is returning 401 error

Hello,I am trying to create/ update a record in Archer Applications table from Postman Application. I am able to obtain the Session ID and get the records from Applications table using the "Obtain Session ID" and "Get Level Metadata". When I tried th...

bharathp by Contributor II
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Sub-Form Record Is Not getting saved

Hi ,We have a Sub-Form in one of archer application user is trying to update it from other external application and try to syn with archer. but we it's not getting saved it showing pop up like unable to save sub-form name pop up along with The Archer...

simtiyaj by Contributor II
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New-WebServiceProxy no longer available in Powershell 7

I have been making SOAP API calls in Powershell for sometime now using cmdlet New-WebServiceProxy with URI /ws/search.asmx, and then using the ExecuteSearch method on the returned object. Recently, I upgraded PS to version 7 in order to get another f...

Resolved! All records of Questionnaire using Content API

Dear All, I want to extract all the records of a questionnaire. Content API provides a way to extract all the records from an application but not for the questionnaire. Instead, when we extract data for a questionnaire it provides "Questionnaire_Inte...

Resolved! 400 (BadRequest) - Custom Object

HiWe are creating a custom object to fill a field in the main from the sub-form. However, it is not working and we are receiving the message 400 (BadRequest).Sub-form: Main-form: Payload: { "Id": 13905952, "LevelId": 83, "FieldContents": { "21913":...

rafael by Contributor
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Resolved! Using API to Get Values List - Other data (Free Text)

We have a Values List field with "Other" option checked to: "Require users to enter supporting information when they select this value". When performing a Get on the field we only get the primary value returned (In this case 'No'). Is there anything ...

ftopping by Contributor III
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When invoking SearchRecordsByReport webservice, the the request seem to accept pageNumber, and each page is of 50 records. Is it possible to retrieve more records per page and how?Is SearchRecordsByReport still the preferred option to retrieve record...

Resolved! Retrieve Advanced Workflow History via API

I need to use the API (SOAP or REST) or an SQL query to retrieve the history of button clicks in Advanced Workflow. I recently added a "Closed Date" to an application and need to populate prior entries. I'd like to search for the most recent selected...

Any option to translate Objects via API

Hi,is there a option to translate any Object (Field, Layouttab etc.) via API? I have tried it, via SQL but I am getting Unexpected Error afterwards in Archer. Regards,Aftab

aftab by Contributor II
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Resolved! Archer API using Postman

Hey All, I am currently trying to create a content record using postman. However I am getting the error: '401Empty session token in the header'I have already set up the login call via postman to retrieve the SessionToken using the login call however ...

Resolved! Save Workflow Action using REST API

I have tried to click workflow action button using REST API call with below code from browser console. but it is throwing 405 error(method not allowed) or 403 error(forbidden) when I tried with different verb PUT.If I try to click the button from RES...