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API service Account run details

Hello,We have a API integration between Servicenow and Archer. wherein, Mule API in the middleware which captures data from SNOW and pushes to Archer. Now, what we desire to know - How many and what all records were updated from the API into Archer. ...

"Unable to validate logical lock for content save"

While using REST Api to update records in Archer, we are seeing below error.I did not find any documentation about this error. Can someone please help with root cause of this exception? Description: Unable to validate logical lock for content saveMes...

Sanjay_a by Contributor
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Data return with Paged API - Javascript Transporter

I am attempting to obtain paged API data with a Javascript transporter. I currently get the data but it is only the first page. The java script gets the data through callback functions and I am having trouble knowing where to put a loop for the pages...

JS Transporter

I am currently attempting to create a Data feed wit ha JS Transporter that calls and API and returns the data into Archer. I have the the API call and confirmed data returned using VS Code wit hnode.js.I need assistance with how to properly code the ...

updaterolepagepermission not working as expected

I'm trying to update page permission for all roles using SOAP API and it says 505 error. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. string soapActionString = "UpdateRolePagePermissions2"; string falseString = "false"; string trueString = "true"; int page...

Creating and Updating Users through API

We are attempting to create and update users through API, and for that purpose we used the Webservices API's "CreateUserExWithPassword" method to update all of the user's properties except for their "default dashboard". While the method generally suc...

Documentation of /contentapi/ Record Save Functionality

Hi folks,We've been exploring using the Record Save functionality on /contentapi/ with some success, however finding lack of Documentation to be slowing us down. For example, the Archer documentation describes how to populate a record permission fiel...

DanLieb by Contributor
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Phantom Archer Integration

How to pass Record permission field into Archer through Phantom. Trying to pass "Incident Owner" field. but throwing error.Here is my JSON I’m passing to Archer:{"Source": "FireEye - ETP", "Title": "Test Phantom - Retroactive Title", "Incident Summar...

REST API - Update content error -Log location needed

Hi, We are using platform REST API /content to update records. But some of the updates are failing without any error message. Is there any way we can get the logs of the content API so that we can find out root cause behind update failure? @Jeff

Sanjay_a by Contributor
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Check if user belongs to a certain group

Hi everyone, I have a record permission field which defaults to record creator, but it can also be changed to anyone else as it has ALL USERS list available for selection. Once a user is selected to this Record permission [Finding Issuer], I would li...

PoojaVG by Contributor II
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'Type' Attribute in XML

I noticed that there are different values for 'Type' inside the XML document, for example 'Acceptance Owner' with ID '18840' has type 8 while 'Date Opened' with ID '22352' has type 3. What does the type stand for? Is there documentation available for...

Aeri by Contributor II
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Archer API Question on data output

We query the Archer report through the API. $devices | ForEach-Object{ $ISI_UAT = $_ | select-object -expand "0-ISI - UAT"INSERT INTO [dbo] ,[ISI_Prod] VALUES ,'$ISI_Prod' This is what it looks like in Archer Here is what it looks like in PowerBI jus...

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