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Wolters Kluwer Integration_Datafeed

Hello Everyone,I am working on Wolters Kluwer Integration Datafeed and have some XML files that need to be imported in Archer before configuring the Datafeeds. How can I import these XML files of the Reg change and Library into an archer.Looking forw...

Abhi by Contributor II
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Resolved! API thread count

Is there a max number of threads that should be used when running APIs to ingest data into Archer? The only information on this that I have found says that it should be limited to the number of CPUs (cores) on the Web server. Is this still correct?

Third Party Profile Field List

Is there a definitive list of all of the out of the box fields within the Third Party Profile module that includes a description of what type of data each field is intended to contain, the formatting requirements, and character limitations for each f...

csikora by Contributor II
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JS Transporter

I am currently attempting to create a Data feed wit ha JS Transporter that calls and API and returns the data into Archer. I have the the API call and confirmed data returned using VS Code wit hnode.js.I need assistance with how to properly code the ...

Resolved! API Call in a Custom iView Dashboard

I've been looking at the Archer Toolbox, and am pretty impressed so far. Instead of making REST calls in a custom object (record view), I'd like to put one or two of them in a dashboard (show applications with active notifications, or those applicati...

Archer ExecuteSearch No Records Found

Hello,I am trying to get records of an Archer application and have used various web service methods including the Archer Search tool but I get no records back using this method and other postman calls I have been building. I am unsure why I cannot ge...

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 4.33.11 PM.png
bala22 by Contributor
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Resolved! How Do i Unlink a record using REST API ?

Hello Team i am looking for a way i could unlink a record using REST API. Do you know which REST API function i would need to use to accomplish the same.I have attached a screen shot. I would like to simulate removing those marked , using a rest API....


Resolved! remove group member API call failed

I'm using a simple call to the "remove group member" API as follows:{"GroupMemberId": 1190,"GroupId": 864,"IsAdd": false}but I end up with error message like this:"ValidationMessages": [{"Reason": "Invalid Group Ids","Severity": 3,"MessageKey": "Vali...

How to make REST API calls with GUID

Hello,I am working on an automation solution involving utilizing the Archer API. Our solution involves a specific archer application that is a ticketing system. We have received API access and have also received the GUID for the application as well a...

bala22 by Contributor
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Resolved! Remove user from all groups

I tried looking for all available APIs, but I couldn't find one which remove a user from all groups he has been previously added to.Could you point to the right direction of accomplishing that using C#? Archer 6.10

JS Transporter Summit Lab

I recently started testing the JS Transporter and found the Google API lab document Scott posted from a 2018 summit. I am having a credentials error when trying to run the data feed.Any one know why this may be? I am using version 6.10

Resolved! SOAP API not able to connect to SAAS

Hi,If using REST API, able to connect to SAAS API. But when I use SOAP API it doesn't connect. The reason I'm using SOAP API is availability of searchrecordsbyreport and bulk update. Do we have the same features in REST API, then can someone please s...