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Data Feed Monitor Error

Collaborator II


Configured the Data Feed Monitor utility and getting the below error and wasn't able to find any logs too.

2022-07-30 05:50:21.5238 :: Info :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.Main :: ***************************************************************************
2022-07-30 05:50:21.5550 :: Info :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.Main :: Process started
2022-07-30 05:50:24.7270 :: Info :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.Main :: Executing against instance xxxxx at under user account dfmutilityuser
2022-07-30 05:50:25.7740 :: Info :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.CheckMonitors :: Checking criteria for monitor SARS: Create Notification Record [Associated Feed Guid CF3B2922-E688-4DE8-A083-FCBC34623607].
2022-07-30 05:50:28.2271 :: Info :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.CheckMonitors :: Criteria met for monitor SARS: Create Notification Record, executing feed CF3B2922-E688-4DE8-A083-FCBC34623607.
2022-07-30 05:50:28.5083 :: Error :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.CheckMonitors :: Exception encountered attempting to execute feed for monitor SARS: Create Notification Record [Associated Feed Guid CF3B2922-E688-4DE8-A083-FCBC34623607]
Archer API Error:
Description: Failed to execute data feed. Please review the log file for additional details.
MessageKey: ValidationMessageTemplates:DataFeedFailedToExecute
Reason: Error
ResourcedMessage: Failed to execute data feed. Please review the log file for additional details.
at RSA.Integration.RSAArcher.ArcherRestHelper.ExecuteDataFeed(String feedGuid, Boolean includeReferenceFeeds)
at DataFeedMonitor.Monitors.MonitorBase.ExecuteFeed()
at DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.CheckMonitors()
2022-07-30 05:50:28.5239 :: Info :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.Main :: Process completed in 7 seconds
2022-07-30 05:50:28.5239 :: Info :: DataFeedMonitor.DataFeedMonitor.Main :: ***************************************************************************




Archer Employee
Archer Employee


And can u execute the feed manually? Or does your dfmutilityuser has access to execute feeds.

Otherwise, you can contact support or maybe @BodieMinster  may know more.

Hi Ilya,

Yes, able to execute the feed manually and the dfmutilityuser has access to execute feeds, given System Admin role. The reason for using the utility is when we setup data feed to run monthly, it instead executes everyday and creates duplicates.



Well, then u need to check Archer logs during execution for debugging.

The Monitor has done its job in determining that there is work for the feed to do and making an API call to add it to the queue. The Archer Platform API returned an exception when it was called, so the source of the problem should appear in the Archer w3wp log, as @Ilya mentioned.

Sometimes I see this error when the feed is already in the queue. Is that the case here? Is your Job Engine running?

Hi BodieMinster,

Yes the job engine is running and don't see any other problems. The feed is not in queue either. I'll trying reaching to our support engineer and get the w3wp log. Hopefully that may show more details.