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Resolved! Remove user from all groups

I tried looking for all available APIs, but I couldn't find one which remove a user from all groups he has been previously added to.Could you point to the right direction of accomplishing that using C#? Archer 6.10

JS Transporter Summit Lab

I recently started testing the JS Transporter and found the Google API lab document Scott posted from a 2018 summit. I am having a credentials error when trying to run the data feed.Any one know why this may be? I am using version 6.10

Resolved! SOAP API not able to connect to SAAS

Hi,If using REST API, able to connect to SAAS API. But when I use SOAP API it doesn't connect. The reason I'm using SOAP API is availability of searchrecordsbyreport and bulk update. Do we have the same features in REST API, then can someone please s...

PremRajani by Collaborator II
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Archer Acunetix Integration API Services

Management has submitted a request to integrate Archer and Acunetix. The intention and expectation is to configure Archer data feed to request scan data from Acunetix. The objective is to load the scan data into Archer vulnerability applications, ana...

Resolved! Upload Attachments using Rest API

Hi folks, I have some issues with the Base64 encoded data, I was able to successfully upload the attachment to the archer record, however the Issue is with the attached files in the archer record.The Attached files are always getting corrupted and no...

REST call logging user out

I created a new set of REST endpoints using MVC to perform some of the queries that the Archer REST endpoints aren't capable of doing. For example, I've create a REST endpoint which returns a user's user id by using their email address. I am able to ...

Format of UpdateRecords API

Hi, I'm trying to update few records from 'Update Records' API. Following is the sample request I'm trying to make:` 57F57C338568F9D21DBEEDB21FAF0AA5 71 I'm getting 400 Bad request upon sending this. Can someone please share the valid sa...

Archer API - Create Sub-Forms error - Powershell

I'm getting an error when trying to create a new sub-form record. Sub-Form has a couple dates, and a couple text fields. Its basically a comment form, attached to another application. I believe I have the format correct, Level ID is from the Sub-Form...

How to make Archer API calls using Linux shell?

Recently, a customer has asked how to make Archer API calls using Linux shell, but we didn't have any examples and I'm a Windows guy. If anyone is familiar with Linux shell, can you post an example how to create a session token using Web Services and...

REST API with XML Inputs and Outputs

I am just practicing to call REST APIs using XML values. I have tried to create a Contacts record using REST API and XML request in Archer API Template application. Its throwing 400 bad request. Default JSON input worked successfully.The XML Input: 3...

Saravanan by Contributor III
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Web Services to pull users without Domain

Sorry to ask such a basic question but I did try for some time to get it down. I am attempting to use Web Services API to pull a list of user accounts without a domain, GETUSERDOMAINLIST. I have it all setup but I can not get the right value to pass ...

Resolved! Content API - Find record by field content

Hi all, the following request will return the Contacts record with contentid 123456:/contentapi/Contacts(123456) Is there a way to use a field instead of the contentid, e.g. username which is a textfield?

Archer GRC REST Content Help

I am attempting to access Archer exception data via my rest client (Postman). I am able to obtain a session token via the initial login POST, however successive GET calls to contentapi are giving me trouble. On successive calls I receive a 200 OK res...

ContentAPI vs Power BI

I tried to connect Power Bi with Archer using ODataFeed and still obtained this message "A missing or empty content type header was found when trying to read a message. The content type header is required."