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OData Character Limit?

Hopefully a quick question...does anyone know if there is a character limit when sending odata info via body to Archer REST API? Hoping to proactively avoid a potential problem. Thanks!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Proper way to capture Session Token

Hi all, I've noticed that there are (at least) two ways of logging onto the API and capturing the Session Token. 1) 'Login' POST http:///api/core/security/login HTTP/1.1Code Snippet:$login_url = $base_url + "/api/core/security/login"$body = '{"Instan...

Accessing Content Records using RESTFUL API

I referred the documentation,Archer APIs > RSA Archer RESTful API > REST API Segments > Content. As per the documentation, the APIs for accessing the content areplatformapi/core/content/contentidplatformapi/core/content/referencefield/My purpose is t...


Content API returns 500 for get record.

Dear Team, I am access records from Archer using content API and many times Archer API returns 500 ( data not found) for the same record, but after some time the same record id, Url, and Session token returns record data. Has anyone faced any such er...

RPF Field add/remove with REST API

Hi API gurus, I would like add or remove a user from an RPF field with REST API.Could you please help me with an example format? For example:- Have a field responsible with 3 users,1. Need to add one more which I am able to.2. Remove one user from th...

Check the status of Package Generation using Archer API

Hello Team, I am using api of archer to check the status of package generation Archer API : /api/V2/internal/Packages/GetManagePackageListingRows?$count=true&$orderby=NameIt works through the Archer Tool Box. However when I am using it in powershell ...

Data Gateway Add Connection API

I am trying to connect with a database inside Archer DB server using Archer OOB Flexible SQL Data Gateway Connector. I am able to generate the session token, but getting error with Add Connection API. We are using Archer 6.7.00000.1184. The same conn...

Saravanan by Contributor III
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Record permission field

Hi Team,We are created record with help of Archer Web API.In this process, we have couple of fields are Record Permission fields and we are facing issue to build HTML for these record permission fields.Kindly help us on this issue.Thanks in advance.

Resolved! List of Reports of an application

Is there any Archer API to get list of reports of an application which can be displayed in the drop down? Basically there are two drop down one for application and second for reports. when user selects an application in first drop down all the relate...

HTTP Transported data feed- Transform needed

I am trying to integrate Archer with Sharepoint site url by using HTTP transporter data feed. In the transport tab, i am using a GET action type to connect with Data request URI and passing header parameters( authorization) as tested in Postman. For ...

Resolved! How to filter on Is<something> properties through REST

Folks, I am trying to get a list of all question fields in a questionnaire using the REST API (using the Archer Toolbox). When I query all properties returned by /api/core/system/fielddefinition/application, I see one called IsQuestion that seems to ...

Exception being thrown by CreateRecord

I have code that calls Record.CreateRecord in the Archer Web API. For 203 records, this code works just fine. For 22 records, I get the Exception listed below. I have confirmed that none of the values I'm trying to import are too long for the fields,...

Content IDs from RestAPI

Hello, We are a SaaS customer running 6.5 P2 and are trying to integrate with an intranet site setup for our org. We are looking to get a list of content IDs for policies based on a filter or report using the RestAPI. Is it possible to make a call to...

FaizanTai by Contributor II
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Resolved! Having trouble with UpdateRecord()

I'm trying to update a single record via powershell but getting: "Server was unable to process request. ---> Input string was not in a correct format." XMLPowershell$XML = "";$ArcherRecordWSDL.UpdateRecord($ArcherSession,$ModuleID,$ArcherRecordID,$XM...

ContentAPI - Update Records

I am attempting to utilize the Content API (C#) to update / insert records within Archer. I am able to successfully connect and read either all, contentapi/Procedures_ODA, or individual, contentapi/Procedures_ODA(TrackingID). However, the update atte...

Michael by Contributor
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Resolved! RSA.Archer.Api DeleteContentAsync

Hello all, I am a newbie to C# and async tasks and the like. I can create a session and get content thanks to the RSA Charge presentation and labs. However, I am now ready to delete a ton, 4000+ records from my dev environment and I am having trouble...

access role for get all applications (metadata)

Hi, i want to use get all applications API: api/core/system/applicationi want to get the least access role (if any inbuilt) that needs to be added to the account to have access to all applications metadata. i don't want to use system