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How to make Archer API calls using Linux shell?

Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Recently, a customer has asked how to make Archer API calls using Linux shell, but we didn't have any examples and I'm a Windows guy.  If anyone is familiar with Linux shell, can you post an example how to create a session token using Web Services and REST API?  Thanks!


Contributor III

I saw someone was working on a python module for Archer.  If the situation allows for installing python, then you could make those calls from a Linux machine.    --

Otherwise, I think you are looking at CURL or Openssl as ways to establish a web connection from a command line / shell.  I don't believe typical shells have a lot of built in web functionality, but there are usually a lot of utilities available to the shell for that.


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I used Java to make scripts for SOAP API calls. And then my customers used JVM in Linux.