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Take three Archer reports and SFTP to Third Party automatically twice a week


Hello.  We're trying to accomplish the following automatically in RSA Archer GRC v6.9 SP3:

  1.       Automatically run the three reports in CSV format in Archer twice a week.
  2.       Automatically export/upload the three CSV files via SFTP twice a week to Planview's FTP site  into a folder.
    1.   Sunday anytime so information is completed by beginning of Monday's business day for use by VITA Enterprise One users during Monday business hours.
    2. Wednesday early AM for use by VITA Enterprise One users during Wednesday business hours.


  1.       Will take the three files uploaded by VITA and run a scheduled job to download and process the files for use in Enterprise One.

I've done some searching but not finding anything we can take script-wise and run with it.  

Can you point me to a document or whatever that identifies how best to accomplish this within Archer?

Zank you.


Contributor III

It's not possible for Archer to handle the whole process due to the SFTP involvement, Archer is capable of running Javascript as a Data Feed but only limited to a few common libraries, and file manipulation and FTP client logic aren't among them, meaning you will not allow to generate files, read file contents or upload them to an internal FTP server. I would suggest you build a new Windows Application or NodeJS Application running on a server to perform all of the tasks, and you can write the logic to mimic a browser generating the CSV reports as files and download them into disk space and later upload them to FTP, this is feasible because similar requirements have been built by us previously, but this will require a pretty good amount of coding and will not be a small project.

Hope this helps.


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Okay so Archer can handle the three reports autogenerated twice weekly, but won't be able to auto-perform the SFTP - that will need some coding.   Thank you.

Archer can only handle the generating of the reports via UI by a user, but not automatically via APIs or native task runners such as data feeds. Depending on how you want to generate the CSV reports, there are two ways: 1. leveraging Archer SOAP Search API twice a week to generate the report, with your own format or structure. 2. Using web scraping technique to mimic user log onto the Archer UI and clicking the report download button and save that CSV file. Both options require coding and the first one you can put into an Archer Javascript Data Feed to achieve the scheduling (twice a week), and the second option you will need to write your own middleware, such as NodeJS.

Innovative solutions for RSA Archer, at