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Resolved! [WS] Update multiple records

Hello! I need to update multiple records through web services.According to guide, in UpdateRecords method I need to provide XML of multiple nodes.But how to define which records should be updated? Where I suppose to set contentId of records?In Updat...

Resolved! Reference field level ID

Hello! I'm trying to use filters in ExecuteSearch method (web services).When using , I need to specify level ID. According to guide: "The SQL ID of the level in which the record resides. All applications have at least one level. The Level element use...

How to handle Field ID's between environment

We are creating and getting field values using Archer SOAP API from external java application. The java team facing some difficulty to use different field ids for each environment. Could anyone please tell the best way to handle this? We are using 5....

Getting Started - Archer API Basics

API - You've probably heard or seen the acronym at some point in the past, but have you ever wondered what it stands for or how can it help you maximize your Archer deployment? The Archer API is a powerful tool that can help you manage, extend, and m...

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Resolved! JSON Samples for different Field Types

Does anyone have a bunch of JSON Samples for creating different field types? The RSA docs provide two or three (text field, numeric, cross-reference) but looking for some of the others like User/Group Lists, Discussion, MultipuleRef, etc. SAMPLE of w...

value list value not returning result

core/system/valueslistvalue/valueslist/*valueslistid* I have a value list value ID which is XXXX when I use the above API to get the value list text I am not getting any thinge.g. core/system/valueslistvalue/valueslist/xxxx - I am expecting to return...

Resolved! Trying to make sense of the DisallowedSessionDays

[5.5 SP2 HF1]In the Get All Security Parameters REST call, and presumably the Get Security Parameter by Id REST call, one of the returned properties is DisallowedSessionDays with a value I've seen between 1 and 95 (maybe higher). Within the front-end...

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Resolved! SOAP API - Pull Report - No errors, but blank return

Making a call to the SOAP search API to try and grab the results of a report from our vendor management app. The call doesn't throw any errors, but Archer doesn't actually return the report results. The reply is just blank with no helpful message wha...

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Beginner seeking startup advice

BEGINNER!I am interested in setting up API services for our Archer instance. I am a former mainframe developer so I have some foundation in development concepts but I am relatively new at API work and the structure required. We would have interfaces ...