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How to get the Number of Pages in Report?

Hey All, Does anybody have a good way to determine the number of pages in a report that I am pulling through the SOAP API? At the moment, I know the report is 1 page and I have hard-coded 1 into the api call. However, the report will eventually grow ...

Resolved! Web API: GetRecordsByReportId

Hi all, Statement:Archer platform 6.3 P2Have report which return number of business units only active ones.Running Web API call to get records of the report above by using GetRecordsByReport method. Outcome:My initial report have only 1600 records, w...

Ilya_Khen by Champion III
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Web API Search

Hi, Statement:I want to use Wep API to get all record of the existing report or make search from ExecuteSearch of WebAPI. Issue:All of the ExecuteSearch or GetReportById, etc. methods imply that I need to use the PageNumber attribute: int. However, w...

Request from Archer to external service

Hello! I'm looking into making requests from Archer to external services.For example, a custom button in record/iView, that makes some action in another system. Problem is, that almost any action requires authentication. And as far as I know, custom ...

Resolved! JSON Deserialize Error

I am working with the C# sample code provided through the RSA Charge labs, and I am running into an error and I cannot seem to find the fix (I am new to APIs and C# so forgive my naivety). I haven't changed any of the code provided, just updated the ...

Hello, World! API Basics Lab at RSA Charge 2017

Hello API Enthusiasts! Jeff Letterman‌ and I wanted to take a brief moment to let you know that we will be hosting a 2 hour, hands-on, code writing, API focused lab session at Charge 2017. We plan to walk you through code examples, and you will be wr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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List all field value by ID

Hello, I known python is not the most popular language to use Archer API, put it's platform independent and easily readable which is the most important for us. We wanted to insert data in technologies application, (as it is leveled, data import does ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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invalid session token

in v6.2 i am frequently seeing invalid session token even the job is still running and coming out of process. why is session token clearing on run time also ?

Resolved! Using REST Service to pull back records

Has anyone used the REST service to pull back records either from the report ( I know in the SOAP service I can "GetRecordsbyReportID", and I am trying to do something similar in the REST service. Or is there a way I can do a search for records? Spec...

API Data Validation

As we know in data feed manager we have a checkbox that allows us to ignore the rules defined for our application (such as a required field) when saving a record. I have a unique situation where we have a required values list (radio button) that has ...

SOAP PI And Python 2.7

Hello, if ny of you is looking to start with Python and SOAP API, I have attache a class easy to use with Archer 6.2 #you import classfrom ArcherSOAP import Archer #you create an instance:MyArcher=Archer(Archer_DNS,Instance,UserName,Password) #LoginM...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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API user authentication

Hello!I have a simple JavaScript script, that users will use to update records in Archer. I'm planning to insert this script into custom iView.How I can authenticate users if I have SSO enabled?For testing purposes I use specially created user. But f...

New to API's

Greetings, I have a few questions regarding API's in Archer:Are there Out of the Box API's that can be utilized? Or do all API's need to be built in the language of our choice?What is the work effort to create API's for read, update, insert? Does thi...

Resolved! RSA Archer 6.1 - Can we enable Autosave the work? For example: If we update a record in any application and if it exceeds the timeout then it might logoff automatically, due to this we might loose all the changes are done. To avoid this, can we enable aut

1. Do we have Auto save work option in RSA Archer 6.1?2. If we have it, how can we enable it. Our users sometimes take long time before saving the changes made. As it crosses the timeout, it logs off automatically and the user looses all the changes....