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Accessing Content Records using RESTFUL API

Contributor II

I referred the documentation,Archer APIs > RSA Archer RESTful API > REST API Segments > Content. As per the documentation, the APIs for accessing the content are

  1. platformapi/core/content/contentid
  2. platformapi/core/content/referencefield/<referencefieldid>
My purpose is to get all the records in the application using data which I got calling above APIs which is ApplicationID and FieldID. Can you please help how can I get all the content records through API or let me know if there is any other way to get all the contents for the application.
Used below API's method:

This below error got when calling platformapi/core/content/referencefield/<referencefieldid>



Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Rajeshwari, if you're looking to return all records of an application it's best to use the instead.

 Advisory Consultant