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Exception being thrown by CreateRecord

I have code that calls Record.CreateRecord in the Archer Web API. For 203 records, this code works just fine. For 22 records, I get the Exception listed below. I have confirmed that none of the values I'm trying to import are too long for the fields,...

Content IDs from RestAPI

Hello, We are a SaaS customer running 6.5 P2 and are trying to integrate with an intranet site setup for our org. We are looking to get a list of content IDs for policies based on a filter or report using the RestAPI. Is it possible to make a call to...

FaizanTai by Contributor II
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Resolved! Having trouble with UpdateRecord()

I'm trying to update a single record via powershell but getting: "Server was unable to process request. ---> Input string was not in a correct format." XMLPowershell$XML = "";$ArcherRecordWSDL.UpdateRecord($ArcherSession,$ModuleID,$ArcherRecordID,$XM...

ContentAPI - Update Records

I am attempting to utilize the Content API (C#) to update / insert records within Archer. I am able to successfully connect and read either all, contentapi/Procedures_ODA, or individual, contentapi/Procedures_ODA(TrackingID). However, the update atte...

Michael by Contributor
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Resolved! RSA.Archer.Api DeleteContentAsync

Hello all, I am a newbie to C# and async tasks and the like. I can create a session and get content thanks to the RSA Charge presentation and labs. However, I am now ready to delete a ton, 4000+ records from my dev environment and I am having trouble...

access role for get all applications (metadata)

Hi, i want to use get all applications API: api/core/system/applicationi want to get the least access role (if any inbuilt) that needs to be added to the account to have access to all applications metadata. i don't want to use system

Resolved! Content API

Working with Content API and it's unclear the URL to pull back all records OR even the default count of records from an application.*I thought I saw something that said it's 1000. So, anything beyond that would be multiple calls. Additionally, it's u...

jsol5 by Advocate II
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API Security Login

Hi, To receive a session token id from RSA Archer, I'm calling its security login API and receiving "LoginNotValid" over HTTP 200 response. Could you please suggest if Username need to be part of specific Access Control Group or any other configurati...

Archer-Domo integration

Hi, I am newbie to Archer API. Can someone please tell me how do I integrate Domo tool with Archer. Requirement is to extract the report from Domo and import it in Archer. Thanks in advance!

Yaasmin by Contributor III
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Resolved! Web Services API - Get all records of a report

Hello, I am currently working with the Web Services API, I use the "SearchRecordsByReport" operation. In the request body I have to specify a "page number" integer of the report and this request returns only the records in the specified page. Is ther...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Archer API - Private Fields

Dear Community,Is there any way to get the accesses of a Private field through any API?I can know whether a field is private or not from the RESTful API, but I would need to know who has access to that private field programatically.Even better, I hav...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Using REST to post attachment and link to record

I'm trying to use power shell to post an attachment and then link to an existing record. I've can test the post attachment by bytes with the API tool, but my power shell script is returning a ProtocolError (400) bad request.try{ $api_url = $base_url ...

ScottNess3 by Collaborator III
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Resolved! Call SOAP WebAPI from Custom iView

Hi guys,I'm trying to use the WebAPI from a Custom iView using JavaScript. I've not tried it from a Custom iView before and am getting a 500 error when I try to connect. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the server logs to get anything more detai...

Resolved! Using REST to create records from a web form

I'm working on a new project that will take content from a web form and create an Archer record. At present, I'm just testing the API using powershell. I can complete the REST API and create a record using hard coded values in the field value content...

ScottNess3 by Collaborator III
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Pull Configuration / Content Administrators

Hi, Is there a way where we can pull the Configuration / Content Administrators from the Administration tab in Application / questionnaire through API or through Reports? The ask is to get the Application owner for all the Applications / Questionnair...