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Merge multiple Fields in Archer


Does it possible to Merge two or more fields in Archer? Scott Hagemeyer

Same type of fields like RPF?

or should we raise as an idea?


Champion III

By merging you mean, data merging like joining data of 2 RP fields into 1?

In such a case, DataFeed would be better option, I assume. 


Or do you want to retrieve these data over REST API?

Now planning for DF. but it would have been easy if we can merge two same fields with a siingle step.

Advocate II

Not sure what you mean about record permission fields ---

It has an option to inherit from 1 or more from other applications.



Not applicable

Agreed. If you want to consolidate 2 record permissions fields into one, we already provide that ability via Inherited Record Permissions as Jason just outlined.

Champion III

Good comments about Inherited RPs. The only drawbacks:

1. You can inherit only to referenced application not to the same, unless you are doing looped reference.

2. Once done, you cannot control the inherited anymore, but only over the parent fields.


Otherwise, very good solution.


Thanks for your comments.

The requirement is, business decided to Merge two roles into one.

   Already these two roles has assigned with multiple users in an application.

   So now we need only one role (RPF field).

   So thinking about the best way to merge it.

 In case in future if we have to merge two same field data into one (both are similar type); in same application for multiple records!!!

If you have 2 RP fields and you only need one and they are both inheriting from other applications, then, inactivate one of the fields and then configure the remaining to inherit from the same fields in the 2 applications.


If you have 2 manual RP fields, then you can inactivate 1 field, add the correct groups to the field population, and then either have to do a data import or data feed into the 1 remaining RP field.


You mention roles, which is different than a field.

So, If you want to inactivate a role and give that access to users that had that role and not the other, then you'd manage that how ever you manage provisioning.