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Resizing Text Size Causes Scroll Bar/Window view jumping


We are having some trouble with a layout custom object.

 We noticed when selecting text boxes that the scroll bar (and view window subsequently  ) would jump around wildly, often times making the text box you selected and are trying to type in no longer in view.  I want to stress it is a VERY big jump, far more than would be reasonable from the window changing from opening the Rich Text editor or correctly focusing on the selected field.

After some investigation I noticed removing a certain loop in the script which changes the text size in some fields got rid of the behavior.  This loop goes through all stylesheets that have rules that affect font-size and increases any fonts between 10 and 12 px by 20%.  (A field which had 12px text size was 14.4px after the custom layout is applied  ).

  This leads me to believe there is some kind of issue with resizing text sizes in custom layouts, and that they may clash with ARCHER application editor settings. I also notice that when selecting text input boxes the text size of surrounding multi-choice fields changes, and then reverts back to how it was once de-selecting the text input field.

As it stands we are considering just removing the text resize loop described above.  Doing so resolves the issue but does leave us with smaller text in many fields, so I would much rather prefer to understand what is going on and create a fix. 

I was wondering if others had this same issue, if there were fixes/new versions, or anything you would care to share on the subject.  We are using Version 2022.08.01.1515 of the Reformat Layout Custom Object script  written by Themistocles Chronis for applications in our Archer instance. 



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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

@Breakey_M What you described suggests a potential product defect. I suggest you connect to the Archer Support team through the usual channel for reporting and resolving issues.