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Resolved! Execute Method on the basis of flag

I have a custom object which creates an engagement along with some values however user first need to select values and then save the selected values by clicking the save button then the user hits the generate engagement button to create and copy the ...

Ajeet by Contributor III
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Cross Reference on change

Hello,Is there a way via custom code to check if XREF has changed/modified? click function is working but change does not work.FieldID = xref field id$('div[id*="'+ FieldID + 'c"]').click(function(){console.log('check');}); Thanks,Lisa

eyambao by Contributor
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Disable/Hide 'Copy' menu item

I'm looking for custom code to disable or hide the menu item 'copy'. I do see several posts where others are looking for the same functionality. In my previous role, I do know that this was accomplished but I believe the code lived on the server, mak...

Resolved! PageLoad not always being triggered

I have a Custom Object storing data in sessionStorage. The code is very simple:Sys.Application.add_load(function() { console.log('Sys.Application.add_load() has been executed.'); sessionStorage.setItem('applicationId', 'a001'); }); It's very strange ...

Richard by Contributor III
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Javascript CO Execution Firing Sequence

Good morning to the community: I apologize in advance if this question is rudimentary as I am trying to learn how to support and utilize COs in our system...I have an existing CO (written by someone long gone) that is designed to build multiple Assig...

Resolved! Custom Object returning null for field value

I am trying to get a value from a field on the form in edit mode. I have read the code below should work but it is always returning null. The end goal is to compare to dates and show warning if start date is after due date. It may be worth noting the...

How get an ID from differents sections?

I'm building a 'Guide Me' for my findings solution and I'm having trouble to referencing divs that aren't in the same section as the code. 1- I created a new section 'Guide me' and added the code to the custom object 'Step 0'2- Since the code is only...

ASI_Sustentacao_3-1672667640721.png ASI_Sustentacao_2-1672666905394.png

Pop up message on AWF button

I am working on the pop up message when a user selects an advanced workflow button. For example if the user selects “Approved”, a pop up message : “Please confirm.” appeared and required user to click ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’ button. If user selects ‘OK’, th...

MMHH2233 by Contributor
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CFR-PART 11 Electronic Signature

Need to meet the requirement for CFR-Part 11- Custom Code is the only option as SAML is not allowed per Archer. Below is the requirement. Anyone done this custom object in ArcherREQUIRMENT:The system shall provide a separate computer system logon eve...

jtochor by Contributor
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Is there a way to detect the language of the user's profile and display the Actions according to the chosen language?Currently we have to display the Actions in French and English.see image in the attached fileThanks

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