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Hide field based on Date Difference

Hi Everyone ,I have 2 date fields Incident date and reported date. When reported date is more than 72 hrs from Incident date i want a new field Reason for missing to be displayed . This should happen without saving the record that means on selection ...

Bharath by Contributor III
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Javascript custom code for Multiple values

Hi ,We have a requirement to populate source data from one application to other application on a button click by creating a record, we have achieved this using content API buy writing to JavaScript code in custom object. When a single value is select...

Bharath by Contributor III
  • 8 replies
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Hide a Copy button in the editing and viewing modes and from a right-click of a record name when the value of a field name, "Component Type" (field ID (19858)) is "Information System"

Hi, Archer Custom Objects SMEs,I need to hide a copy button (in the edit and view modes and from a right click of a record name). The below script does it except a condition (when the value of a field name, "Component Type" (field ID (19858)) is "Inf...

Resolved! Custom Object to paginate Sub-Form display on record

We will on occasion need to load 6,000 or more sub-form entries to a record. When the 'View All' button is clicked, it can take a minute or so for all of the records to load and display. When we get closer to 10k sub-form records we are getting timeo...

BillC by Contributor III
  • 3 replies
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How to get the current user?

I need to get the current user using the Archer version, I already tried this code, from version 6.4 I found on the forum, but it doesn't work anymore, I think it has to be updated:Our customer wants to remove a specific user from a group ...

toberle by Contributor
  • 1 replies
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Update the field

I created an custom object in contract application. it saves the selected answers first and then generate the engagement record and copies the selected values to engagement. the custom object is working fine however some requirement is updated and af...

Ajeet by Contributor III
  • 1 replies
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