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Archer Custom Objects
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Validating date fields

I have 2 manually updated date fields that require data validation rules. Date field 1 - the value must be prior to or equal to todayDate field 2 - the value must be equal to or greater than Date field 1I have searched through the site, but most of t...

ScottNess by Contributor II
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Custom object to populate resource

Has anyone had any luck creating a custom object to populate the resource within an appointment (in scheduler field)? We need to bulk create 1000+ appointments and assign them appropriately to individuals but there doesn't seem to be a way to import ...

cpallone by Contributor
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Custom Object to Set value list field

Hi,I am trying to set a value list field using a custom object. The code is working only when I click on the button after saving the record. I want the value to set when I click on the button and there should be no dependency on save.Please let me kn...

Resolved! Custom Object works some of the time

We have a custom object that is supposed to check if a particular radio button has been set to "Yes" and then populate a text field. It executes on save by binding our function to the Save and Save and Close buttons, and works most - much? - of the t...

Resolved! Archer Console API utility

Can you redirect me to Archer console API utility which we can download in our local machine and can give inputs to generate token and can access all Archer APIs?i am not looking for Archer API utility which we install within Archer using package@Ily...

Ajeet by Contributor III
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