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When to Take Training - Our Recommendations

A common question we hear is, "When should we take Archer training?" And while our answer comes with a healthy dose of, "It depends...", here are some general recommendations that may help you navigate this ultra-important step in your organization's...


Table of Contents - Archer Academy Student Resources

Let's save you some scrolling. Here are some quick links to the content contained in this space. Training Portal Login Training Portal Navigation Video Course Catalog, Course Descriptions, Schedules, and More Our Recommendations on the Timing of Trai...

Payment, Cancelation, and Refund Policies

Training Purchase Expiration Information Unless otherwise specified within your sales contract, all training purchases expire 12 months after the date of purchase. We encourage all learners to consume purchased training as soon as possible. Unused tr...

Training Portal Login

Hello! In order to take Archer training, we require you to create an account in our system. It's free to do so, and will take just a few minutes of your time. If you already have an Archer Community account (this site), your account is very easy to a...

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Archer Student FAQs

Hey everyone! Megan Olvera here with some helpful tips and answers to the most commonly asked questions I've fielded. If you have a question not answered here, please send me a note and I'll get your answer to you and possibly add your question here ...


Accessing Archer Course Labs

Many of our courses include hands-on labs. When you're taking a course with a live instructor, the accompanying lab environment is automatically provided to you, with no action needed from you to request it. However, when you're taking a self-paced c...


Archer Training Credits

Training Credits are a great option for organizations who choose to include Archer training for their teams but who may not quite know just yet how best to choose which training for which person. By including x-number of training credits in their pur...


Private Team Building Workshops

In addition to our On-Demand/Self-Paced courses and labs, as well as our open-enrollment, instructor-led training courses found on our main calendar, Archer Academy is also happy to offer dedicated private training for your group or organization. Our...


Archer Suite Post-Training Resources Site

Thank you so much for attending Archer training. Below you'll find helpful links, product documentation, and social sites that we hope will encourage you to continue your learning journey! We Appreciate your Feedback! Popular Sites Documentation / In...

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