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A common question we hear is, "When should we take Archer training?" And while our answer comes with a healthy dose of, "It depends...", here are some general recommendations that may help you navigate this ultra-important step in your organization's Archer journey.

If you're brand new, or have new people joining your team, start with the free Getting Started series. This collection of courses will give you a high-level look at what's included in our training portfolio AND documentation found within the Community, will include an overview of Archer as a whole, and a video tutorial that covers general Archer navigation and searching.

For people who will be making decisions about the direction you want your Archer implementation to go, the Developing Archer Power Users and Business Analysts is a best-bet. If you have an entire team of people (up to 10 or even beyond), talk with us and with your account manager about scheduling a dedicated session of this course just for you. When presented to a single audience, this Power Users class often morphs into something of a Team Building Workshop, in which the participants all hear at the same time which Archer use cases are shared across functions, and they work together to help define a path to follow for their overall implementation. They also get a good look at any/all of the Archer components they've purchased, as they come out of the box. We encourage most organizations to start small and recognize some quick wins, and knowing what will work without additional configuration is key to reaching this goal. For best results, we recommend this course be taken prior to any configuration beginning.

For your admins - and when I talk about admins, I'm referring to those individuals who will be working under the Archer hood, so to speak. These are the people who will be adding fields, rearranging the layout, setting up email notifications, configuring data feeds, etc. For these people, Archer Admin I and Archer Admin II are still the go-to's for training. You can find our live schedule posted here, but definitely consider taking these courses in the self-paced/on-demand format if setting aside 4 consecutive days for each class will be tough to do, or if you simply prefer going at your own pace. As for the giant WHEN to train your admins - if you've not yet started configuring, having trained admins going into this process will allow them to take an active and informed role with the configuration.  I'd err on the side of training too early vs training too late. 

What other questions can we help answer? We'd love to hear from you. Click here to contact our team directly.


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