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Certification Program
Are you an Archer pro? Prove it to the world!


Adding your certification badge to LinkedIn

Once you've passed an Archer certification exam, it's time to proudly display your accomplishment to the world! Here's a helpful tutorial on how to do just that: First, allow up to a week for us to upload the previous week's successful exam data into...

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Where to find Exams

Hi everyone! All exams (both practice and official) are found within our new Archer Academy learning portal. Depending on if you are a customer or partner or an internal Archer employee, your path to the portal is a little different. Customers and pa...

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Archer Certification Exams - Preparation Tips!

Hi Archer pros! We are DELIGHTED to announce that the new Archer Certification Exams are live at last!! And since it's been months since we had any exams at all, here's a whole bunch of information that we hope will help as you peer down the ol' cert...

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