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ContentAPI - Status 400 - Content Save without content changes

Contributor III

Hi all,

Updating a record using the Archer ContentAPI works, but only when the request actually contains a change.

Eg, if I have a risk with ID 1234 and the Name field contains the text "Fraud Risk", I can successfully run the following


{"Risk_Register_Id":1234,"Name":"Fraud Risk TAB"}

In the response as well as the Archer UI, I see the change reflected and all is good.

However, when I then run the exact same thing again, without changing the content in Name to something different, I just receive a status 400. No explanation, no further context, just status 400. This behaviour is consistent when I try to update a record without making actual changes. As a status 400 could be caused by a lot of things, it not very useful in this context.

Is this expected behaviour? If so, any way around this? It's making things quite complex for our integrations. When trying to update a record, we don't know whether we receive the 400 response because there are no changes or because there is something is syntactically wrong with our request (or something whatever other causes the 400 response can have).



Archer Employee
Archer Employee