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Dashboard options on Mobile for C suite

Contributor II

We have an on-prem ARCHER version, for now. In our team discussion session, a very practical and useful use case came up. We would like to send a notification to our CEO, and few other members from C suite. This notification will comprise of a quick view of our organization's health from risk and compliance perspective, dashboard of sorts. But with a caveat (of course when is life so simple...:P). They wouldn't want to login into the intranet, or open the attachments. A solution that involves them doing minimum, i.e. simply open the email, and that's it. The information, reports, charts all should be there, ready for them.

There is already a way - Scheduled Report Distribution, through which we can send attachments and embed dashboard url in email body. But this doesn't help us in our quest. 

So here comes the question - is there a way to present this information to our decision makers in such a manner? Can we somehow display the whole dashboard in an email body?

Looking forward to all the ideas out there.