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UX Feedback Needed: Communicating Admin Messages

Archer Employee
Archer Employee

We recognize that our customers often have workarounds for common needs that our product may not have deliberately addressed in the past. One observation has been around the use of the footer to display messages to end users. We often see the secondary graphic used to display system messages like this:


Asset 5.png


Our customers need the ability to share messages about the system and have confidence users will see it. The most common type of message we’ve seen has been around system outages, known issues and upcoming upgrades. The footer was not intentionally designed for this and is not a common place for important messages like these. Typically, you might see a message banner like below that communicates messages from the administrator. 




In order to design a better solution for sharing admin messages with end users, we’d like to learn more about the context around this need.

  • What type of messages are you communicating?
  • Who needs to see them?
  • How and when do they need to be displayed?
  • What do you want people to do after seeing them?


Please share your feedback through this survey:

By gathering your feedback, we hope to design the right solution for the need. 



Exited to see the new Archer 6.7 which I believe would include all this changes .

When can we expect release of same

Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Hi Mohammad. We are still working out the details of which release administrative messages will be added. Many of the great changes you've seen on the blog posts will be available in 6.7 which will be released by the end of the year 2019, typically in the fall.