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UX Blog Series - Introduction

Archer Employee
Archer Employee

UX Blog Intro.png

Authored by Arti Deshpande

(Posted by Denise Sposato)


There’s a lot of buzz about all the exciting improvements coming to the RSA Archer Suite in the Fall 2019 release. At RSA Conference, many customers got a sneak peek at the major overhaul we are undertaking in the areas of navigation, dashboards and records pages in the short-term. As always, we’ve been sharing progress at UX working groups and at customer meetings galore, gathering a ton of valuable feedback and iterating constantly.


The improvements you may have seen, however, are really just the tip of the iceberg! While we certainly want to improve the existing RSA Archer Suite experience, we know that there’s a huge opportunity to take Risk Management into the future, better supporting digital transformation and the changing expectations and changing users of our platform.


Revolutionizing the RSA Archer Suite is no small feat! We have a ton of due diligence to do before we can have the confidence to dramatically change a product that’s been around for so long and has such a huge customer base. That’s where you and the RSA Link community come in: It dawned on us that we have so much opportunity to provide even more visibility and gather more feedback through this priceless community. There will be plenty of opportunity for us to share what we’re up to and for you to weigh in through feedback, surveys, and even individual research opportunities.


 We will continue to provide updates here and solicit feedback on a regular basis. We need your input to create a better RSA Archer experience for YOU! Please subscribe to the blog series to keep up with the latest and greatest news when it comes to the ever-evolving and improving RSA Archer Suite User Experience!


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