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Until this idea gets some more traction and gets implemented ... Data Feed Failure Notification 


Thought I'd share a little tool I created to see all data feeds that have errors.  I feel most of us get enough emails as it is.  So, we do not need an email that tells us the data feed was successful, but that there have been failures.


Anyway, I wanted a way to quickly know if any data feeds have errors.  So, I created a custom iView that will display any data feeds that have any type of errors.


The iView consists of a 5 column table that has the data feed name, the start date, end date, number of record processed, and finally a button.

The button is the plus ("+") sign.  When clicked, it will expand the table rows to display any errors logged for that data feed.

This was intended for admins or those that have access to the data feeds roles


I originally had it so that it would display all data feeds, but found that was/is unnecessary as I only want to see the ones that have failures.


Shout out to Jeff Letterman and his ArcherToolBox  - ArcherToolBox - Dashboard Concept 

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