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Sub-Form Record Is Not getting saved

Contributor II

Hi ,

We have a Sub-Form in one of archer application user is trying to update it from other external application and try to syn with archer. but we it's not getting saved it showing pop up like unable to save sub-form name pop up along with The Archer API is unavailable msg.  then i tried creating sub form record in parent application manually it's working but from api side it's not getting syncing.

Below is error message showing from archer is what they shared with us.

Server was unable to process request. ---> Can't save specified content(s) for module {0} - given parent subform field Id {1} is invalid.


can some one please help with this issue and what exactly needs to do here?


Archer Employee
Archer Employee

@simtiyaj can you post the code your using to create the sub-form?

 Advisory Consultant

i don't have access to code but will check with team and share. is this issue from api side only? @DavidPetty 

@DavidPetty , this issue is with only one records other sub form record are syncing to archer. I created sub form record manually in archer with same data which they are trying to update its getting updated in lower environment. please suggest.