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Do I need to create a report to pull all the data from an application using the API?

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Just wondering if I need to create a report with all the fields or just report with all the records and that should pull all the meta data required into my data lake?


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But field metadata call 


is based on Application ID, not record ID.


And if you speak about content:


that requires only SYSTEM TRACKING ID of the record.

Thanks IIya! so whats the relevance of creating a report? Can I just use the app ID or do I need it in conjunction with report ID? A little confusion on how to get all the fields from Archer from a particular app into the data lake.

If you need only fields metadata from the application, you need only application ID.


But if you want to get contents from all records, you need to iterate these records from report, and you need only system tracking id.

Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Instead of creating a report and calling SearchRecordsByReport‌, you can create a Search XML string and call the ExecuteSearch‌ method too.  For more info, check out these links:

Thanks Jeff - will check it out!

Above is using the Web API, is there anything available with Rest or content API  to fetch all records from Archer application? 

Not yet, to fetch all data you need to use WEB API as of today.


@Ilya_Khen   looking for rest api to fetch all the records from application, is there any possibilities with Rest or content API  to get all records from Archer application in the new versions 6.12 ?

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Only SOAP calls in Archer support reports unfortunately. 

But CONTENT API allows to get records per application. Try it from @JeffLetterman crafted tool: