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@DavidPetty I implemented the Custom Object for Hiding the 'Add New' Link for Cross-Reference Fields. Thank you for writing that! In many circumstances it works really well. But if a user enters edit mode from a tab other than the one on which the cr...
Hello, I'm working on a custom object where users type a risk into a text box and then have the option of clicking a button (my custom object) next to the text box which does a lookup and returns to users any other existing risks which have similar c...
I've recently been working on a project to integrate Archer with an Artificial Intelligence tool which will do some natural language processing on our Risks. As part of that I needed to be able to have Risks sent to the AI every time someone clicked ...
In our company's version of the Risk Register app, I'm implementing a custom object that will have a button users can click. When the user click's the button we'll call out to an AI that can do natural language processing and we'll pass it the risk d...
Hi guys,My Enterprise Risk application has a lot of different tabs. As we all know, tabs can't display content nearly as fast as a DDE show\show hide, so my idea was to get rid of all of the tabs and put all the sections on a single page. Then I'd hi...