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Can one suppress the unsaved changes popup when executing a custom object script?

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In our company's version of the Risk Register app, I'm implementing a custom object that will have a button users can click. When the user click's the button we'll call out to an AI that can do natural language processing and we'll pass it the risk description and it will pass us back the Tracking IDs for other risks that seem to be about similar topics. I then use the SOAP Archer API to convert those Tracking IDs into a little table of useful information that I display to the users regarding related risks. This custom object will help users determine whether or not they're about to enter a duplicate Risk. Additionally we also hope that this will help us with identifying interconnected risks and a variety of other benefits.


The trouble is, when the user clicks the button in my custom object, if there's unsaved changes in the risk description field (and there will be in most cases since this is largely meant to be used during record creation), then Archer pops up a warning about navigating away from unsaved changes. But the user isn't navigating away. They're just executing a custom object. Is there some way to suppress that warning--just for the custom object but leave it on for everything else? 


Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Joy, what's the custom object doing that's causing Archer to think that the page is being changed?  Users only typically get that warning if the user is being navigated to another page like clicking the record close button ( x ) or clicking on something in the ribbon.

 Advisory Consultant - Archer, an RSA Business