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What do we mean by controls monitoring?

In today's complex regulatory environment, organizations face a daunting task in maintaining compliance amidst constantly shifting obligations and requirements. As organizations attempt to keep pace and adapt control activities (controls) to changes in compliance requirements and operational risk scenarios, often times they are hamstrung by ad-hoc, disconnected compliance efforts that are implemented reactively across separate areas of the business. This severely limits the ability to maintain a real-time, aggregated view of risk and compliance impacts. Efficiency and scale also suffer as the volume of manual systems and processes overload the organization's limited resources.


Implementing a program that includes a centralized inventory of assets, requirements, risks, and controls, coupled with a standardized approach to measuring control efficacy, is the key to ensuring diligence and completeness. This also provides the solid foundation necessary for enabling automation and improving the ability to continuously monitor key risk and control performance metrics as the organization adapts to changes in the business climate.


Why is a program approach to monitoring control activities so important?

Consolidating organizational compliance projects into a single platform offers business owners a unique level of visibility into critical risk and compliance information, enabling them to make fully informed risk based business decisions in support of organizational priorities. A single control universe can further align with extended corporate stewardship and responsibility goals and other strategic objectives.


RSA Archer Controls Monitoring Program Management

RSA Archer Controls Monitoring Program extends the foundation established with RSA Archer Controls Assurance Program Management, with a modernized approach to defining and managing separate compliance projects simultaneously. This includes tools to assess and report on the performance of controls across all enterprise asset levels and the ability to automate control assessments and continuously monitor ongoing compliance efforts. Customers can also enjoy seamless integration with other RSA Archer use cases designed to tackle all aspects of Integrated Risk Management in their unique environments.


Businesses that operate with disconnected, ad-hoc programs typically find themselves diverting more and more time and resources to compliance, only to see their overall risk levels continue to increase. Whereas organizations with optimized compliance programs are able to reverse that trend and return more resources to the business which can then be used to invest in future growth initiatives. An optimized program also serves to reduce overall operational risk and provide decision makers with a reliable means for exploring the opportunity landscape by enabling them to identify with confidence the business risks that are worth taking.


For more information, please visit and review the Datasheet.