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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Archer allows risk specialists the ability to dive deeper into risk analysis, while also providing management a broad view of the company's risk profile.

Fabrizio Ferri, Head of Group Risk Monitoring and Reporting





Poste Italiane constitutes the largest service distribution network in Italy, covering activities that range from logistics, letter and parcel delivery and financial and insurance services to payment systems and telecommunications. The organization has 12,800 post offices, 121,000 employees, total financial assets of €586 billion, and 35 million customers. Poste Italiane.jpg

To learn more about Poste Italiane's journey, click on the adjacent video to hear from Fabrizio Ferri, Head of Group Risk Monitoring and Reporting at Poste Italiane, to learn more about their integrated risk and compliance program.


Additional Information

  • Industry:  Financial Services
  • Archer Solution Areas:  Regulatory and Corporate Compliance, Enterprise and Operational Risk Management
  • Additional Topics:  Management reporting, risk team efficiencies, enterprise risk, improved risk insights, integration between risk and compliance.