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Advocate II

I created a custom object that will check the status value in a values list field.  

This status field would show multiple values.  For example, if you had 4 sections that needed to be completed and none were complete, your values list would show  "section 1- incomplete", "section 2- incomplete", "section 3... and so forth.


The custom object then looks at those incomplete values, loops through them and then based on the value (and the logic I've built), it would color the font of the sections that are incomplete red.


To get the section headers, you will have to use the browser developer tools to identify the name.


This code is a little old and I am considering altering it so that instead of interrogating the field via javascript/jquery, I would interrogate the record using API.  


Anyway, thought I'd share...

Hope this helps people make a better end user experience!

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