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Are your users tired of scrolling through sections and sections on your applications or questionnaires?


I created a custom object that adds a button to your menu bar inside a record.

When you click this button it collapses all sections.

The way this works is it creates a custom button and adds it to the menu bar.

The button, when clicked, loops through all sections within the form and identifies if it is already collapsed.  If it is, then nothing happens.  If it isn't collapsed, then the sections collapse function is called to cause it to collapse.

Note - I programmed this to only Collapse.  But, it can be altered to collapse what's expanded and expanded what is already closed (this last part was how i first got it to work, which seemed non-intuitive to me, but could be done).  I'm sure it could also be altered to expand everything, if that was something you'd want to do.


*insert all disclaimers here... I take no responsibility for use of this code.

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