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a mail merge with in custom object error


Running a mail merge with a custom object with a code <div id="exportButton"></div>


getting error. Error log says "The user has insufficient permissions for this action."


User is a sysadmin!!

Successfully working with normal Export emerging with mailmerge!!!


Has anyone come along with it.


Another mailmerge it works for one admin, another RPF filed role but not for a different role. Except admin both has same access!!


Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Varghese, can you post the complete custom object code?

 Advisory Consultant

Thanks Athira


Try removing &layoutId=114 parameter (line 7) from the below function and see if that works.

function myLink(lTrackingID, lTemplateID, lLevelId){
baseURL + '/GenericContent/ExportReportCreation.aspx?contentId=' +
lTrackingID + '&levelId=' +
lLevelId + '&exportSourceType=RecordView&exportType=Rtf&moduleName=' +
moduleName.replace(' ','+') + '&templateId=' +
lTemplateID + '&layoutId=114&et=0','Export'

 Advisory Consultant

Thanks and will try that

Contributor II

I am also facing the same issue, i don't have layout id . Can you please advice if this is fixed for you.

HI Ravi,


We had issue with the level ID in the custom code. Changing it resolved the issue.