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Let's face it - learning Archer from the ground-up can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of classes available to take, and somehow, you're often still needing to complete your day job as well - making it tough to get away for 4 consecutive days of live training for Archer Administration I.

If you learn well by studying on your own, and/or you find yourself in a situation where having access to training over a long period would benefit you, consider our Archer On-Demand Subscription.

Here's how it works: 

  • Make a one-time payment ($7500 USD*) for each subscription - either through your account manager or via credit card right from within our learning portal. *Consult your Sales or Partner Rep for local (Geo-based) pricing; no other discounts apply. Value is not transferable.
  • Let us know to whom you'd like to assign the subscription (one subscription per person.)
  • The new assignee will then have access to our entire catalog of on-demand/self-paced courses for the duration of 1 full year.
  • Courses that normally include labs (Archer Admin I, for example) will include the same lab for self-paced learners, and each lab is provisioned for a limited time - you just tell us when you are ready for each one.
    • Example: Sam Subscription Holder launches Archer Admin I in the on-demand format. Sam spends a week or so reading through the materials and getting an idea of what the class covers. When Sam is ready to begin working through the lab exercises, Sam opens a ticket with us and asks for the lab to be provisioned. We provision the lab and Sam has 20 hours over the next 4 weeks to work within the lab environment. If Sam gets stuck along the way, they can open another ticket and we'll help get them through that portion of the lab. At the end of the lab time, the lab is automatically deleted, but Sam still has access to all of the Admin I materials for the duration of 12 months. When Sam launches the Admin II class, they open a new ticket with us when they're ready for the lab that goes with that class, and we repeat the cycle.

  • What's included?  Every on-demand/self-paced class we offer, as well as all three certification exams. 

  • What's NOT included?  Courses taught by a live instructor. Also note that while you have access to all materials for 12 months, each class's lab environment is only available for a limited time, and you'll tell us when you're ready for each one.

  • Wait. This sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch?   Honestly, this is kind of like our version of getting a digital subscription to a newspaper that you could otherwise have physically delivered. And as we release other on-demand courses throughout your subscription year, there is no need to make a new purchase in order to gain access to the new material - you'll automatically gain access to the new courses as well.

  • Can I mix some on-demand learning with some live instruction under this option?   No, we're afraid not. The on-demand subscription is just for on-demand classes. If you decide that you would prefer live delivery for a given class, that can always be purchased separately as well.

  • We bought one of these subscriptions in the past, and were told back then that one certification exam voucher was included. What's changed?   Under our previous system, exams were delivered by a third-party, and yes, one voucher was included with each subscription. With our new system, we are handling all of the exams personally, and this means subscription holders are able to take all THREE exams, if you so choose. No vouchers needed!

  • Who is this a good option for? Who is this NOT a good option for?   Let's start by looking at the price. If you are a business user who will never have admin-level access to your Archer environment, this subscription is probably more than you need. You can still buy individual on-demand classes at their per-class price. The Archer New User Experience is just $1k, and the Developing Archer Power Users and Business Analysts class is just $2k (per person, each.) If those are the classes you need, then pick up just those classes on their own. However, if you know you'll need to manage/configure your Archer environment and will at least need Admin I and II, those two classes run $4k/each, so together they hit $8k, which is more than the cost of the subscription that grants you access to everything.

  • Tell me more about the timing of the subscription, please. We have 12 months from the date of purchase, or....? Good question. All training expires 12 months from the date of purchase. The subscription 12-month clock is a secondary one that begins ticking when we assign the subscription. So - let's say you are working up a pretty sweet sales deal right now, and you are anticipating hiring 3 new people in a few months. Is now the right time to buy subscriptions, or should you wait until the new folks are hired? As long as you're able to assign the subscriptions before the 12 months from date of purchase is up, you're good. Carrying this out - imagine you purchase 3 subscriptions in January, and you hire one new person in March and two more in June. You assign each new person a subscription during their first week on the job. Person A will have access to training from March to March, and Persons B and C will have access from June to June. If you don't assign subscriptions until November, they'd each have access until the following November. Make sense?

  • What happens if Person A, hired in March and assigned a subscription in June, leaves our company in August? Can someone else be assigned the subscription?   We tend to handle these on a case by case basis. What's always true is that if we DO reassign the subscription to another person, the original expiration date on that subscription remains. There's a potential for people to abuse this option, which is why we handle these on a case-by-case basis. At most, one reassignment per subscription may be possible.

What other questions do you have about subscriptions? Leave a comment below and help us make this article even more complete!

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