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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

It's fairly common for us to receive a request from to assign an On-Demand Subscription or an individual course to students who may not have yet logged into our system. We're given their names and email addresses and it's easy enough for us to create a profile for these new students and assign them the necessary training. But then what? How do the students know what they've just been given? How do they access the training? I'm hoping this quick guide will help.  

  1. If you haven't yet logged into our learning platform, please follow these steps to do so:

  2. Once you're inside our learning platform, look for your Dashboard. It will show you courses that you've been enrolled in, as well as courses you have already completed. Click into a course to launch it (if it's a self-paced one), or await more details from your instructor if the course you've enrolled in will be delivered via Zoom. Typically these instructor emails will come out late in the week just prior to the course's start date.

  3. If you have been assigned a On-Demand Subscription, all courses that carry a fee will have been auto-added to your account. Free courses are also available for you to register for within the Store (look for the link at the top of your learning portal screen.)

What other questions can we help to answer?

Happy learning!

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