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Exchange Overviews
Review more than 300 offerings to augment your IRM program on the Archer Exchange


Archer ZIP Management Tool & Utility

Archer users frequently need to download multiple attachment files from an Archer record or cross-referenced records. This is especially true for Archer Audit Management users. In the event of an audit, evidence for the audit which can be contained t...

archer-logo-full-color-w300px.jpg ChristineTran_0-1683747448963.png

Archer Enhanced User Experience Tool & Utility

As organizations begin their risk management journey, some look to simplify their end-users' data entry experience within Archer to streamline and focus their activity . The Archer Enhanced User Experience Tool & Utility enhances the existing record ...

archer-logo-full-color-w300px.jpg Enhanced User Experience - record.png Enhanced User Experience - cross ref record.png Enhanced User Experience - view formula.png

Archer API Testing Tool & Utility

In the modern IT world, application programming interfaces (API) are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a way for organizations to connect all their enterprise resources to exchange data in a seamless manner. APIs can be powerful but learnin...