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Exchange Overviews
Review more than 300 offerings to augment your IRM program on the Archer Exchange


Archer User Account Management Tool & Utility

As organizations grow, employees with varying roles and responsibilities increasingly utilize enterprise solutions to perform their jobs. To maintain a secure environment, administrators are required to provision user accounts for these various solut...


Bowmen Group Multicurrency Tool & Utility

Multinational organizations operate in several countries and require the ability to collect financial and risk based monetary values in various currencies. In addition, there is a need to report on historic or the current currency rate depending on t...

BowmenGroupLogo 300.png Currency Selection.png Local Currency Report.png Base Currency Report.png

Archer Experts Records Retention Tool & Utility

The Archer Experts’ Records Retention Utility is designed to meet Corporate Record Retention requirements for Archer Customers. It allows users to easily bulk export any Archer Global report, including attachments, with supporting metadata. The utili...

Archer Experts Logo.jpg Archer Experts Records Retention Choose Report App Questionnaire.png Archer Experts Records Retention Manage Scheduled Jobs.png Archer Experts Records Retention Export Status.png

Archer Experts Re*Porter Tool & Utility

The Archer Experts’ Re*Porter Tool & Utility extracts reports from Archer for presentation on end-user’s web-enabled devices without the need for the user to have an Archer login. The utility allows companies to easily bulk extract Archer Global data...

Archer Experts Logo.jpg

Archer Multi-Record Publisher Tool & Utility

With much content to publish, the task becomes daunting when trying to identify which mail merge templates to use and where to publish the content. The Archer Multi-Record Publisher tool & utility was developed to automate and assist you with publish...


Archer Data Feed Monitor Tool & Utility

In many Archer implementations, business users require the ability to react to specific events in near real-time. For example, a file containing vulnerability scan results is placed on a network share, and the business wants to ingest the file as soo...


Archer Data Feed Initiator Tool & Utility

Archer data feeds can be scheduled for execution and, upon completion, can trigger execution of other data feeds. Customers who require immediate execution of a data feed can do so on-demand using the Data Feed Manager. However, in order to execute a...


Archer Authoritative Source Data Feed Tool & Utility

The Archer Authoritative Source Data Feed offering enables Archer administrators to simplify the content package import process. Due to the requirement to modify key fields, and then run an import for each file in every package, the data import proce...