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Exchange Overviews
Review more than 300 offerings to augment your IRM program on the Archer Exchange


Archer Exchange Offering List

Looking for a specific Archer Exchange offering? The tables below provide a list of all available Archer Exchange offerings. Please note that videos, implementation guides and implementation packages require login access to the Archer Community. Acce...

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Archer Enhanced User Experience Tool & Utility

As organizations begin their risk management journey, some look to simplify their end-users' data entry experience within Archer to streamline and focus their activity . The Archer Enhanced User Experience Tool & Utility enhances the existing record ...

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Archer Due Diligence Management App-Pack

The term "due diligence" is associated with an orderly investigation of business matters and is often adapted to address several situations within organizations. Due diligence activities are often required during a merger and acquisition process. But...

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Archer NIST-Aligned Privacy Framework App-Pack

Designing, operating, and using technologies in a way that is mindful to diverse privacy needs for an increasingly connected and complex environment can be a challenge. Developing technologies like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence c...

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Tutela Solutions Re*Porter Tool & Utility

The Tutela Solutions Re*Porter Tool & Utility extracts reports from Archer for presentation on end-user’s web-enabled devices without the need for the user to have an Archer login. The utility allows companies to easily bulk extract Archer Global dat...


Tutela Solutions eDiscovery Management App-Pack

The Tutela Solutions eDiscovery Management app-pack was designed to solve a common disconnect that users experience in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) systems regarding data privacy; separation from the actual data they are answering questions...

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LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance Integration

LexisNexis is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, and advance the rule of law around the world. Across the globe, we co...

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Archer ESG Score Connect Integration

Archer ESG Score Connect, powered by CSRHub, provides insights into vendors' ESG third party performance, highlights potential ESG risks, and allows organizations to perform peer benchmarking. With 15 years of data history, CSRHub covers 50,000+ publ...

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Archer Australian Incident Management Accelerator

  Organizations develop comprehensive incident response plans that outline the roles and responsibilities of team members, communication protocols, escalation procedures, and the steps to be taken during different types of incidents. These plans are ...

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Qualys Asset Discovery Integration

Qualys is a cloud-based solution for IT, security, and compliance. The Qualys Cloud Platform provides complete, real-time inventory of IT assets, continuous assessment of security and compliance posture, vulnerability identification and compromised a...


Qualys Vulnerability Management Integration

Qualys is a pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions. Qualys Vulnerability Management is a cloud-based service that provides immediate, global visibility into where your IT systems might be vulnerable to the lates...

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