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Exchange Overviews
Review more than 300 offerings to augment your IRM program on the Archer Exchange


Microsoft® 365 OneDrive and SharePoint Integration

In the modern business world, organizations use various software for storing files and collaboration. Many organizations use Microsoft® 365 OneDrive or SharePoint which is a cloud storage offering with file sharing and editing capabilities and much m...

Redis Integration

Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. It supports data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperlogs, geospatial ind... 300.png

Cognitive View Integration

Cognitive View monitors all customer and employee interactions to help firms meet compliance, reduce conduct risk, and improve customer experience. By automating controls at the first line of risk function, Cognitive View aims to help organizations m...

Cognitive-View-logo-04x-1-300x53.png Cognitive View Platform Screenshot 1.png Cognitive View Platform Screenshot 2.png Cognitive View Platform Screenshot 5.png

Auditmation™ Integration

uditmation™ and Archer have teamed up to deliver independent, forensic grade automated evidence, through a seamless user experience. The Auditmation™ integration with Archer automates the collection of evidence and makes all collected evidence readil...

auditmation logo.png Gloria_Higley_0-1636681451158.png Gloria_Higley_0-1636656722769.png Control Evaluations Screenshot.png

Caveris ICAS Integration

Caveris was founded to help businesses manage their information and cybersecurity protection measures. The Caveris Information and Cyber Assurance Suite (ICAS) solution brings structure, order, and oversight to the management of Information Risk and ...


Security Compass SD Elements Integration

Security Compass, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and advisory services, enables organizations to adopt Balanced Development Automation for rapid and secure application development. In addition, they offer advisory services on how organ...


Regology Regulatory Change Management Integration

Comprised of a global team of international legal and compliance experts, along with engineers with deep expertise in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Regology is on a mission to reduce the pain of regulatory legal and complia...


Veracode Platform Integration

Veracode is the leading independent AppSec partner for creating secure software, reducing the risk of security breach, and increasing security and development teams’ productivity. With its combination of process automation, integrations, speed, and r...

Panorays Integration

Panorays automates third-party security. The platform provides organizations with a 360-degree view of the vendor that considers the business and technology relationships. Panorays' security rating reflects a continuous view of the vendor’s attack su...

panorays-logo-full-color 300px.png Service Connector Integration’s mission is to transform the way highly regulated organizations address compliance risk, and to modernize compliance processes for both the regulators and the regulated entities. empowers financial compliance teams to pro... logo 300px.png

AWS Security Hub Integration

AWS Security Hub provides security alerts and compliance information related to Amazon Web Service accounts, services, and supported third-party partner products. It aggregates, organizes, and prioritizes security alerts, or findings, from multiple A...


Cysiv Command Integration

Cysiv Command is a modern security operations and analytics platform. It is the foundation for Cysiv’s threat monitoring, detection, hunting, investigation, and remediation service features. It combines a number of essential technologies and function...


ThreatWatch Integration

ThreatWatch is a pro-active cyber security solution that uses an AI powered vulnerability curation and no scan approach for impact assessment of assets including source code, containers, cloud instances, and servers. The ThreatWatch integration takes...


Panaseer Platform Integration

Traditionally, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) functions have relied on manual, human-driven approaches to self-assess and assure that controls are deployed and implemented correctly. To assure a complete control set across all assets, a typica...


AWS IAM Access Analyzer Integration

The AWS IAM Access Analyzer integration helps cloud operations teams to identify potential security risks with cloud resources in their AWS environment. It informs which resources are shared with external principals as per the configured IAM policies...

AWS_logo_RGB.png Asset Discovery Integration provides your organization the ability to accurately identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities. With you get a real-time, continuous assessment of your security posture by identifying weaknesses through scanning the ...