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Exchange Overviews
Review more than 300 offerings to augment your IRM program on the Archer Exchange


Qualys Asset Discovery Integration

Qualys is a cloud-based solution for IT, security, and compliance. The Qualys Cloud Platform provides complete, real-time inventory of IT assets, continuous assessment of security and compliance posture, vulnerability identification and compromised a...

Qualys+Logo.png Asset Discovery Integration provides your organization the ability to accurately identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities. With you get a real-time, continuous assessment of your security posture by identifying weaknesses through scanning the ...


Aujas Duplicate Findings Prevention App-Pack

Aujas is a cybersecurity engineering specialist, helping organizations manage information security risks by protecting data, software, systems and identities in alignment with best practices and compliance requirements. One of our services focuses on...

Aujas Logo 300w.png

Tableau Web Data Connector Integration

Tableau is a world leading reporting software that helps people see and understand data. It makes analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful. It’s software for anyone and everyone. The integration between Tableau and Archer allows for the ana...

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