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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Today, we’re pleased to announce availability of RSA Archer Release 6.9, delivering new features and enhancements to streamline access to key data and provide a cohesive, actionable view of risk and compliance at all levels of your organization. This release introduces new and updated RSA Archer Platform features designed to provide a more intuitive user experience, efficient search and reporting, and easier administration.


In addition to Platform updates, Release 6.9 includes updates to several RSA Archer use cases. Enhancements to the RSA Archer Controls Assurance Program Management and RSA Archer IT Controls Assurance use cases help you quickly set up evidence collection and ensure that evidence of the control is captured on an ongoing basis, all in one location. Bringing RSA Archer closer to delivering near real-time evidence collection, these updates allow you to easily designate which controls you want evidence collected for and whether you want automated or manual collection. Dashboards have been added to enable the evidence collection process to be more readily monitored and to help provide users with a better understanding of overdue evidence requests, evidences currently due, and those pending approval.


Release 6.9 also includes updates to the RSA Archer Cyber Risk Quantification use case, leveraging the RiskLens Generation 3 platform to provide an improved data model for analyzing risks and a more streamlined data interchange between RSA Archer and RiskLens environments. And on the heels of last month’s announcement of our new Vendor Portal functionality, Release 6.9 updates to the RSA Archer Third Party Risk Management use case include added fields to connect the Engagement Risk Assessments questionnaire with Vendor Portal.


We invite you to attend the Free Friday Tech Huddles this Friday, Aug. 28 and Friday, Sept. 11 for demonstrations of RSA Archer Release 6.9 features. (Available only to RSA Archer customers. Pre-registration is required.) For more information about this release, please visit the RSA Archer Release 6.9 subspace on RSA Link.