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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Addressing real world challenges for Archer administrators

The role and responsibilities of Archer administrators can quickly become complex when working to ensure a dependable and healthy environment for end users. Increasing amounts of data, interdependencies between use cases, and issues in the environment’s infrastructure are important considerations for Archer administrators when operating their risk and compliance solution.

NTT designed the NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility to provide Archer administrators with a comprehensive approach to monitoring and analyzing the operations of their Archer use cases. NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations enables organizations to closely monitor the health of their Archer environment and proactively identify issues that could impact system integrity or availability.


How does it work?

The NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations offering is comprised of two distinct capabilities, Platform Monitoring and Deep Dive Analysis, that each address key components of an Archer administrator's operational needs.

With the Platform Monitoring capability, organizations can track over 20 individual parameters within their Archer environment such as data feeds, schedules, system jobs, advanced workflow, search index, and calculations. Administrators can receive automated alerts when issues are detected and view all open issues and trends on the Operations Dashboard. Administrators can easily configure the Platform Monitoring capabilities using the Configuration Dashboard.

Operations Dashboard.png

NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Dashboard

The Deep Dive Analysis capability enables administrators to analyze many issues that are reported through Platform Monitoring or by end-users in real-time, with no end-user database access required.

Deep Dive Analysis.png

Deep Dive Analysis contains 25 pre-configured scripts to analyze the health of an Archer environment.
The example above shows metrics related to the Job Engine.


What are the benefits?

The NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility enables organizations to:

  • Closely monitor the health of their Archer environment.
  • Proactively identify issues that could impact system integrity or availability. 
  • Improve overall end user experience by reducing system downtimes or other issues in production environments.
  • Reduce effort within operation teams by supporting analysis tasks.
  • Compare the current status of an Archer environment to a past status report to identify performance or platform stability issues that could emerge over time.


Application in the real world

NTT DATA operates production environments for many of its global customers and have harnessed their real-world experience to include the most relevant checks and analysis reports in the NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations offering.

Since its creation, NTT implements the NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations offering for all new and existing operations services customers. This has provided significant benefit for NTT and their Archer customers as they are able to identify and analyze issues quickly and with less effort.

The NTT DATA operations team offers organizations additional levels of support that can be added to the offering, including:

  • Initial implementation support when establishing an environment
  • Continuous maintenance subscription, including software updates for both Platform Monitoring and Deep Dive Analysis (including new checks and new analysis scripts)
  • Third-level support during the analysis of issues reported by Platform Monitoring

To learn more about the NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations offering, please contact NTT Data at You can also check out the live demo recording from the December 11, 2020 Free Friday Tech Huddle and the NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility pages on the Archer Exchange.


About the author(s):

Lars Rudolff
Senior Managing Consultant, NTT DATA Deutschland

Mr. Rudolff works for NTT Data as Senior Managing Consultant for GRC Tools. Mr. Rudolff is responsible for the technical and strategic orientation of the GRC Implementation practice. He has experience in the area of GRC tools in general since 2005 and with Archer since 2011. He has led implementation projects for many customers, including the introduction of one of the largest Archer environments in Europe at a German car manufacturer.

In addition, Mr. Rudolff accompanies the NTT Operations team for Archer, which provides operational services for existing Archer customers. This includes, among other things, second and third level support activities as well as maintenance services such as system upgrades or minor modifications of an existing implementation. He is also responsible for developing monitoring and automation tools for the Archer platform.

Gloria Higley

Product Manager, Archer Exchange

Gloria Higley is a Product Manager focused on providing useful and relevant product offerings for customers and partners with the Archer Exchange. Offered online through RSA Link, the Archer Exchange provides access to pre-built App-Packs, RSA Ready-certified Integrations, Tools & Utilities, and Content that complement and enhance out-of-the-box capabilities of Archer use cases.