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Resolved! Custom Pop-up message with AWF button

Looking to see if there is a way to add a custom pop up message when a user selects an advanced workflow button? For example if the user selects “Reject”, we want a pop up to say “Are you sure you want to reject this record?”. We are having issues wi...

RobynHarp by Contributor III
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Resolved! API Call in a Custom iView Dashboard

I've been looking at the Archer Toolbox, and am pretty impressed so far. Instead of making REST calls in a custom object (record view), I'd like to put one or two of them in a dashboard (show applications with active notifications, or those applicati...

Microsoft® 365 OneDrive and SharePoint Integration

In today’s world, it is critical to store your files in a location where you know you can get to them and where they are safe from disasters and secure from unwanted eyes. For many, Microsoft® 365 OneDrive and SharePoint are crucial for us to operate...

Screenshot 2022-05-16 114902.jpg Screenshot 2022-05-16 115007.jpg

Archer Exchange Release May 2022

Overview The Archer Exchange May 2022 release was announced on May 17, 2022 and provides a wide variety of offerings designed to help you expand your Archer use cases and manage your Archer implementation. For a detailed list of features within this ...

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Archer Update for Multiple Vulnerabilities

Archer Identifier SA-2 CVE Identifier CVE-2022-30584, CVE-2022-30585, CVE-2021-33615 Severity Critical Severity Rating See below for scores of individual CVEs Affected Products Archer Platform versions greater than 6.x Summary Archer Platform contain...

MegONeil by Archer Employee
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Contacting Archer Academy

Need to reach us to ask about Archer training? Create a ticket here: Archer Academy Support Center Just a note - this will take you to our brand new ticketing system! We're super excited about the new system and look forward to hearing your thoughts ...


Package Error

Hi TeamI an getting following error while creating package Component Type: UnknownComponent: Object: Advanced WorkflowError Type: ErrorError: An error has occurred while attempting to package the Advanced Workflow component. The error message is Obje...

MO-ALAM by Contributor
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