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Archer Resilience Management helps your organization anticipate and prepare for potential disruptions and develop strategies to mitigate their impact on your organization, customers, and supply chain. Archer Resilience Management encompasses a range of capabilities, including risk management, third-party resilience management, incident management and crisis management, business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning, and operational resilience. 

Archer Resilience Management provides an automated approach to resilience planning, enabling you to prepare your organization before disruptions occur. With Archer, you can assess the criticality of important business services and supporting infrastructure and develop detailed business resilience measures and plans using automated workflows built on industry and regulatory standards and best practices. 

Key dashboards and reports provide visibility for your senior management, giving them a better understanding of resilience risks, insight into budget requirements to build resilience, and a level of confidence that the organization is resilient and ready for potential disruptions.

Archer Resilience Management provides the following use cases to meet your specific business needs and progress along the business resiliency maturity journey:

  • Business Impact Analysis:  Determine the criticality of important business services and processes so they can be prioritized for building resiliency measures. Campaign capabilities enable you to drive business impact analyses (BIA) across divisions or groups that support a set of products and services or align with particular business units or other organizations.
  • Incident Management: Provides a case management and incident response solution for reporting and categorizing events such as cyberattacks, ethics violations, and physical incidents. You can quickly evaluate the criticality of an incident, determine the appropriate response procedures, and assign response team members based on factors like business impact and regulatory requirements. This use case provides a proactive approach to deal with incidents before they become crises.
  • Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Planning: A coordinated, consistent, and automated approach to business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning, testing, and execution. It prepares your organization to respond swiftly in crisis situations to protect your ongoing operations.
  • Crisis Management: Provides a coordinated, consistent, and automated approach for swift response and mass communication in crisis situations to protect your ongoing operations. With Archer, you can coordinate with business continuity and disaster recovery, and align activated plans with the organization’s crisis team activities to manage crisis events holistically.  
  • Operational Scenario Analysis: Helps your organization make sense of plausible disruptive scenarios that could impact your ability to provide products and services to your customers. It enables you to identify scenarios, track and correlate threats and risks, test assumptions, and identify, prioritize, and focus on measurable gaps that could have the most significant impact on your business. This use case also provides deeper risk management capabilities, as well as third-party risk and resilience management.

Our goal is to help you prepare your organization to withstand and recover from adverse events you may experience, including natural disasters, cyberattacks, supply chain disruptions, or geopolitical disruptions. By building resilience, your organization can minimize the impact of disruptions and maintain your ability to deliver products and services, protect your people and assets, and maintain your reputation.

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To learn more about how Archer products, services, and solutions can help solve your business and IT challenges, contact your local representative or authorized reseller—or visit us at If you are an existing Archer customer and have questions or require additional information about licensing, please visit the Archer Community for technical support.